Lesson 2

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  1. ABO Pheno type is A
    What are the possible genotypes
    AA, AB, A1A1, A1A2, A2A2, A1O, A2O
  2. ABO Pheno type is  B
    What are the possible genotypes
    BB or BO
  3. ABO Pheno type is AB
    What are the possible genotypes
    AB, A1B, A2B
  4. ABO Pheno type is O
    What are the possible genotypes
  5. In order from greates to least, give those phoenotypes that have the H antigen on their red cells
    O, A2, B, A2B, A1, A1B
  6. Which reacts with A1 Lectin?
     A1 or A2
    Positive agglutination occurs with A1
  7. What causes a weakend D antigen?
    • Weak D: RHD mutations. All proteins are present, but antigens are reduced.
    • Partial D: Not all epitopes are presnt.
    • C in trans to RhD: The allele carrying C(r') is present in trans to (R0r')
  8. What 2 genes are at the Rh genetic locus on Chromosome 1
    RHD & RHCE
  9. RhAG glycoprotien does NOT express Rh antigens.
    just a fact
  10. A haplotype that produces both c & e (R0) also produce what antigen & why
    A haplotype the produces both c & e also produce f. The 3 separate antigens is encoded by a single gene (haplotype).
  11. A person who inherits R1 & R0 will have the c & e antignes on their red cells will not produce what antigen and why?
    c & e are on different genes, so they are unable to produce the f antigen
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