Rules and Regulations

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  1.      When
    requests are received at the company level for public education, a Public
    Request Form shall be completed by ______________________ and returned to
    • The company officer, FPD
  2.        A
    request for the Safety House must be made at least ____________________ in
    advance, must be open ______________, exposure to greater than ____________
    people, and usually during standard working hours.
    • 2 weeks, to the public, 200 people
  3.       Once
    the display or visit has been completed, return the Public Education Request
    Form to ______________________________.
    • FPD
  4.        _______________________
    are responsible for confirmation or re-scheduling of all station visits or
    • Company Officers
  5.       T/F
    Explorer post ride along participants are not allowed in the patient
    compartment of an ambulance. 
    • True
  6.        T/F
    Explorer post ride along participants may not become involved in any emergency
    call and may not be allowed into any residence. 
    • True
  7.       T/F
    Riders not seeking state certification or medical certification shall be
    allowed to enter any residence or other building during medical calls.
    • F, shall not be allowed to enter any residence
  8.        What
    is the procedure when an unsolicited cash donation is given?
    • Obtain their name and address, notify the Fire
    • Chief’s office, and it shall be delivered to the Fire Chiefs office.  Battalions will usually pick them up.
  9.        Unsolicited
    donations by check are to made out to “___________________”
    • El Paso Fire Department, Awards and Recognition 
  10.       Report
    any problems or difficulties with the public or complaint by a citizen to your
    officer who will then report it to _____________________ who will report it to
    • Battalion Chief, the Deputy Chief
  11.       What
    is the procedure for any pendant or medallion attached to a necklace?
    • Must be out of view at all times
  12.     Neck
    chains for necklaces must not exceed ___________________ in width. 
    • ¼”
  13.       Personnel
    may wear navy blue work-type coveralls while ___________________________.
    • Actually performing cleaning details on the
    • apparatus
  14.      For
    the pullover fleece, the back will be screened with “El Paso Fire Dept in
    ____________________ font.
    • Freshman letter
  15.        Employees
    wishing to provide their own shoes must represent the shoe to _________________
    for approval.
    • Their Battalion Chief
  16.       Ties
    must be worn with the uniform ________________ shirt.
    • Long sleeve
  17.        Black
    bands on the badge may be worn __________________________ for active-duty
    • On the day of death till the day of burial.
  18. Black bands on the badge may be worn ______________________ for a
    • On the day of burial
  19.       All
    awards are worn in order of precedence the highest worn on the top from the
    (wearers/observers) left to right.
    • Wearer’s
  20.        Any
    award ribbons will be worn on the ______ breast centered above _____________.
    • Right, name plate
  21.        Service
    pins may be worn in the center of ________________ of the right pocket flap of
    the shirt or jacket. 
    • The left half
  22. How many and what color braids will be worn on a Captains sleeve
    • One gold
  23.       Stars
    indicating years of service, shall be placed on each sleeve
    _________________________ to the braid. 
    Each star represents_________ of service.
    • Above and parallel, 5 full years
  24.      Officers
    shall wear _______ (size) lapel medallions indicating rank centered in the
    upper lapel (above the _______) _________ from the corner.
    • 1”, notch, 1”
  25.        The
    Fire Department patch shall be worn on the upper sleeve, _________ below the
    seam on the left side.
    • 1”
  26.      A
    departmentally approved nameplate shall be worn ________________________.
    • On the right pocket flap
  27.        A
    departmentally approved breast badge shall be worn over the ______ breast
    centered above the ____________.
    • Left, pocket
  28.       Captains
    working out of class on Battalion Units shall wear (short/long) sleeve dress
    • Short
  29.        Trainees
    shall wear a uniform as prescribed by the _____________________.
    • Training Chief
  30.        Personnel
    at Communications shall wear the _________________________ uniform.
    • Administrative
  31.        The
    summer uniform for administrative personnel shall be worn
    during________________ time.
    • Daylight savings
  32.        The
    winter uniform for administrative personnel will be worn during _______________
    • Standard
  33.        T/F
    Personnel shall be required to wear their dress uniform when participating in
    promotional ceremonies.
    • True
  34.       Should
    such relief be granted, members shall be required to
    • Maintain a copy of such documentation at their
    • work station
  35.        Members
    having a medical condition necessitating a minor variance from uniform
    regulations may submit ___________________________ to the Chief. 
    • Documentation from a doctor
  36.        Bobby
    pins that _________________ may be worn.
    • Match hair color
  37.        What
    color hair ornaments may be worn? 
    • Black, dark navy blue, tortoise shell
  38.       Sideburns
    will not extend below the ____________ of the ear.  Will be of even width and end with a
    horizontal line.
    • Bottom
  39. No portion of a mustache may extend ______ beyond the line of the upper
    • ¼”
  40.       Hair
    may cover __________________ of each ear and may extend to, but not past, the
    (top/bottom) of the uniform collar.
    • The top half, bottom
  41.      Finger
    nails shall not exceed _____ in length from the tip of the finger.
    • ¼”
  42.        Hair
    may not hang below _________________ on your face.
    • Your eyebrows 
  43.       Activities
    in connection with approved fundraising, such as money collection and product
    distribution must be limited to ______________, or ____________________.
    • Lunch breaks, before or after work hours
  44. 1.       Employees
    who wish to solicit on behalf of their children’s schools, scouting programs,
    or other not-for-profit purposes including for the benefit of a person or
    co-worker involved in a personal tragedy, must submit a written request through
    their chain-of-command to _______________.
    • The City Manager
  45.       Fundraising
    and/or solicitation by or of City employees on duty or on City property without
    authorization from _________________ is strictly prohibited. 
    • City Manager
  46.       T/F
    Volleyball games are acceptable.
    • F not acceptable
  47.       T/F
    Competitive basketball games are prohibited due to the serious injuries
    occurring during play.  Games such as
    “HORSE” are prohibited.
    • F,
    • HORSE is permitted
  48.        Which
    parts of the Training Academy are restricted?
    • Offices, tower, burn building, secretarial
    • areas, storage
  49. 1.       The
    _______________ asphalt drive is used for hose testing and apparatus brake tests.  Parking in this area is prohibited. 
    • South west
  50. T/F The possession of a weapon is permitted on city property with a
    state license
    • False
  51.      If
    a dating or sexual relationship between a superior and subordinate employee
    should develop, it shall be the responsibility of the __________________ to
    immediately notify ______________.
    • Superior employee, the Fire Chief
  52.       If
    a supervisor receives a request for release of information concerning a
    complaint or investigation of sexual harassment, the supervisor must contact
    _______________________ immediately.
    • City Attorney’s Office
  53. 1.       When
    a supervisor receives a complaint of sexual harassment, it should be given
    immediate attention, within _________________ and be reported immediately
    to  __________________________ and
    • 24 hours, Human Resources Director, Department
    • Head
  54. 1.       Members
    feeling aggrieved in the treatment, orders or neglect of duty of an officer or
    having a grievance against any other member, rule or procedure shall
    ____________________________________ within _______________ and sent it through
    the chain of command to _____________________.
    • Reduce the matter in writing, 10 days
  55.        Personnel
    requesting a change in access or security levels for any system used by the FD
    shall make the request to ________________________.
    • The Division Head
  56.       Employees
    shall also report any change of address to _______________________________________.  The address change forms are available from
    _____________________ or _______________________.
    • DSHS, Academy, DSHS website
  57.      Members
    shall immediately inform ______________ when a change in address or telephone
    number is made.   The employee shall
    update this information in ________________ and _____________________.
    • Their officer, Telestaff, Peoplesoft
  58. 1.       If
    a member fails to report to duty, a member of the off-going shift shall be
    selected to remain on duty until other arrangements are made.  This is to be reported to the
    ________________ and _________________________. 
    • Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief
  59.        If
    an employee reports to duty after _______________ the employee will be recorded
    as being _______________.
    • 12:10 hours, AWOL
  60.        Voluntary
    overtime shall not be authorized while an employee is on leave status unless
    prior approval is granted by ______________________
    • The Fire Chief
  61.        If
    recalled to duty while off duty, and you have a physical condition that would
    prevent them from properly performing duty at an emergency, shall report such
    condition to ______________________.
    • The officer calling
  62.      40-hour
    employees will report to a duty assignment established by ____________________.
    • The Deputy Chief
  63.      40-hour
    operations employees will report to duty at ______ hours and will remain on
    duty until _____ hours Monday through Friday.
    • 1100, 1900
  64.      What
    positions may a Fire Paramedic be allowed to work on a structural rig?
    • Any position
  65.      What
    positions may a Medical Lieutenant be allowed to work on a structural rig?
    • Any position
  66.        Fire
    Paramedics and Medical Lieutenants will be rotated ______________________.
    • As staffing allows
  67.       Battalion
    Chiefs shall rotate Rescue unit firefighters in ________ shift cycles.
    • 3 shift
  68.      56
    hour employees shall work such tours of duty as specified in _________________________
    or as required by ______________.
    • The Articles of Agreement, or as required by the
    • Fire Chief
  69.      In
    the case that the immediate officer is the flagrant violator of a rule,
    ______________________ shall be notified.
    • The next officer in the chain of command 
  70.       Members
    shall report flagrant or severe violations of rules, regulations, or general
    orders to ___________________.
    • Their immediate officer
  71.       Unlawful
    orders will be reported to ___________________.
    • The Fire Chief through the chain of command
  72.        Appeals
    for relief from orders or instructions which are unlawful will be made in
    writing to _________________.
    • The Fire Chief through the chain of command
  73.        What
    is the procedure when one is given an order that they feel is unjust or
    contrary to the rules?
    • Must first obey the order to the best of their
    • ability and then appeal to the Fire Chief in writing through the chain of
    • command
  74.       The
    deliberate refusal of any member to promptly obey any lawful order given by a
    superior officer shall be deemed ____________________________.
  75. _______________________ shall have the overall responsibility for the
    general maintenance, inventories, and operations of Rescue companies
    • Medical Lieutenants
  76.       T/F
    Officers shall include all Division Heads, Chief Officers, Captains,
    Lieutenants, Fire Paramedics, Paramedics, and acting officers. 
    • F, not Paramedics
  77.        The
    Safety and Health Program will be reviewed annually by the Safety Officer and
    Safety Committee during the month of ______________________.
    • October
  78.        All
    accident and injury reports will be filed and retained for a period of not less
    than ___________________.
    • Five years
  79.        Accident
    and Injury Reports will be reviewed by the ______________ and
    • Fire Chief, Safety Officer
  80.       Safety
    training and safety inspection records will be retained for _________________
    or as required by law.
    • 36 months
  81.        Each
    fire department facility will receive an annual safety inspection, which will
    be conducted by the _________________.
    • Safety Officer
  82.       ____________________
    shall be responsible for the monthly safety inspections at their stations.
    • House Captains
  83.        The
    Fire Chief and Safety Chief will review all records and documentation
    pertaining to the safety and health program each _____________ and
    • February, August
  84.        The
    _______________ is responsible for planning, development, coordination, and
    implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Program under the
    supervision of the Fire Chief and Assistant Chief of ________________.
    • Safety Officer, Support
  85. _________________ will be the primary person responsible for the
    implementation and enforcement of the departmental safety policy
    • The Fire chief
  86. 3.       In
    the event that the Fire Chief, the Assistant Chiefs, and the Deputy are absent,
    the on-duty Battalion Chiefs in ______________ order of B1 to B6 shall have
    command of the Department.
    • Descending 
  87. 2       In
    the absence of both the Fire chief and the Assistant Chiefs, the
    ________________ shall have command of the department. 
    • Deputy Chief
  88. 1.       In
    the event that the Fire chief is absent, the designated ______________ shall
    assume command of the department.
    • Assistant Chief
  89. 41.       Responses
    to I-10, US54 and Loop 375 are assigned according to _____________.
    •        Access
    • routes
  90. 40.       For
    response purposes, when the main line of tracks is a boundary between two
    districts and dispatch is unable to determine which side of the tracks an
    incident is on, the boundary shall be considered the _______________ line of
    the tracks. (is in the district on the __________).
    •        North,
    • south
  91. 39.       T/F
    District run cards apply to incidents occurring on Interstate 10, US 54, or
    those parts of Loop 375.
  92. 38       The
    district number is at the (top/bottom) of the run card.
  93. 37       A
    Code 50 is a _________________. 
  94. 36       A
    special rescue is classified as a Code ___.
    • 30
  95. 35.       A
    Code 40 is a _________________.
    • Hazardous condition or material
  96. 34.       A
    major medical incident is a any incident that requires _______ or more
    • 4
  97. 33.       A
    Code 30 is a _________________. 
    • Extrication/ life hazard requiring medical
    • treatment
  98. 32.       A
    Code 10 is a _________________.
    • Fire/Explosion
  99. 31.       Notify
    _________________ when notification of the Medical Deputy is required and it is
    after regular business hours (______ hours).
    • Deputy chief (17:00)
  100. 30.       Any
    accident involving fire department property shall require that the ___________________
    be notified. 
    • Deputy Chief
  101. 29.       _____________________
    is to be notified any time a company is to be placed out of service due to
    mechanical problems.
    • Deputy Chief
  102. 28.       If
    a company is to be out of service for more than ________________, notify the
    __________________ and notify the ___________________ if companies need to be
    • One or more hour, Battalion, Deputy
  103. 27      When
    is the only time a structurally certified person is allowed to engage in
    • When additional structural certified personnel
    • arrive at the scene and a crew of two is established
  104. 1.       T/F
    Ambulances shall attend training sessions on their assigned group training
    dates regardless of designation.
    • True
  105. 25      In
    the event that 4 Battalions are out of service, which districts will Central
    and 24 cover?
  106. Central – 100s, 200s, 300s, 500s, 700s      24 – 400s, 600s
  107. 24       In
    the event that 3 Battalions are out of service, which districts will Central,
    Station 7, and Station 24 cover?
    • Central – 100s, 200s, 700s      7 – 300s, 500s       24 – 400s, 600s
  108. 23.       The
    determination to relocate battalion units in the event of multiple alarms or
    other situations shall be made by ________________________. 
    • The on-duty deputy Chief
  109. 22.       A
    back-up response is when companies other than the first due companies respond
    because _________________________.  The
    next available companies ________________________ for the call will be
    • The first due companies are out of service,
    • equal in number and type
  110. 21.       A
    second response is a second ____/____________ response to a
    • Primary/full, different location in the same
    • district
  111. 20.       The
    back-up location for Communications is located at _______________________.
    • 911 Raynor (police headquarters)
  112. 19.       During
    Crisis Dispatch procedures all radios inside the station are to be on mode ____
    (radio watch).
    • A1
  113. 1.       What
    is to be done with radio batteries during Crisis Dispatch Procedures?
    • Placed on charge
  114. 1.       During
    Crisis Dispatch procedures, dispatch to incidents will be entirely by
    • Radio
  115. 1.       Alert
    Tone __ will be transmitted announcing Crisis Dispatch Procedures.
    • 1
  116. 17.       Crisis
    Dispatch Procedures may go in to effect any time the _________________,
    ________________, _________________, or _________________ feel they are
    • Fire Chief, Dispatch Supervisor, Assistant
    • Chief, or Deputy Chief
  117. 16.       _______________
    and _________________ shall not be dispatched to MVA type incidents on the
    Freeway system unless ______________________.
    • Battalions, Ladders, part of a primary response
  118. 15.       When
    there is a report of a fuel spill or fire associated with an accident, a Pumper
    will be dispatched in addition to __________, the ____________, or
    • 15.      
    • Hazmat 1, aerial, Battalion
  119. 13.       The
    dispatch system uses ________________ as an immediate back up should the system
    • 13.      
    • The fire phone
  120. 12.       The
    Anapra Bridge is rated at _______________ single axle, and _________________
    tandem axle.
    • 20,000 lbs, 21,000 lbs
  121. 12.       The
    Cordova Bridge is rated at _______________.
    • 40,000 lbs
  122. 11.       If
    a back-up company is dispatched and the primary company becomes available and
    takes the run, does the back-up company receive times?
    • 11.      
    • The Fort Bliss officer in charge
  123. 10.       For
    any requests for assistance of a serious nature to Fort Bliss, dispatch the
    companies first, then notify the __________________.
    • Deputy
  124. 9.       For
    mutual aid agreements on fort bliss, the request must come to _____________
    from an authorized representative of ____________________.
    • Dispatch, the Fort Bliss Fire Department
  125. 8.      The
    response district on the TXFIRS report for all incidents outside the city is
    • “O/J”
  126.   7.     When
    a call comes in for assistance of a serious nature from the Sheriff’s
    Department, within the county, the companies will be dispatched, and then the
    ___________ will be notified and will determine the number and type of
    companies and whether or not they should continue.
    • Deputy
  127.   6.     A
    fire or hazardous materials incident must be within ______________ of the city
    • 3 miles
  128. 5       For
    unincorporated areas, the call must come to Dispatch through the
    • Sheriff’s Office
  129. 4       Requests
    for response changes shall be made in writing to _____________________________.
    • Strategic Planning Division Chief
  130. 1.       T/F
    Officers shall respond to alarms in their assigned territory even if they
    aren’t dispatched due to an error by Dispatchers.
    • True
  131. 1.       Dispatchers
    shall dispatch a ___________response where any uncertainty exists regarding the
    severity or magnitude of an incident.
    • Primary
  132. Response Manual

    1.       ______________
    at the scene of an incident are better able to assess the scene and subsequent
    needs to handle the incident than a Dispatcher is over the phone.
    • Officers
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