Nutrition CH 1 & 2

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  1. what are essential nutrients?
    nutrients a person must obtain from food because the body cannot make them for itself in sufficient quality to meet physiological needs; also called indispensable nutrients. about 40 nutrients are currently known to be essential for human beings.
  2. list the 6 nutrients.
    • carbs
    • fats/lipids
    • protein
    • vitamins
    • minerals
    • water
  3. What is a nutrient?
    chemical substance obtained from food and used in the body to provide energy, structural materials, and regulate agents to support growth, maint., and repair of the body's tissues. may also reduce the risk of some diseases.
  4. organic nutrients
    • carbs
    • fats/lipids
    • protein
    • vitamins
  5. inorganic nutrients
    • minerals
    • water
  6. list energy yielding nutrients.
    • carbs
    • fat
    • protein
  7. kcal per gram of energy yielding nutrients
    • carb=4kcal
    • fat=9kcal
    • protein=4kcal
  8. kcal per gram of alcohol
  9. what is a kcal?
    a unit in which energy is measured.
  10. what is nutrition?
    the science of the nutrients in food and their actions within the body.
  11. six diet planning principles. ABCDMV
    • adequacy
    • balance
    • calorie
    • nutrition density
    • moderation
    • variety

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