CH 4 Carbohydrates

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  1. what is the main function of a carb?
    feed the brain and nervous system
  2. what are a carbs chemical elements?
    • carbon
    • hydrogen
    • oxygen
  3. carbs 3 major categories?
    • monosaccharaides
    • oligosaccharide
    • polysaccharides
  4. what percentage of kcalories per day should come from carbs?
  5. what carbs are simple and why?
    • monosaccharaides, disaccharides
    • they are in the simplest form of sugars and easily broken down
  6. what carbs are complex and why?
    • polysaccharides
    • the are made up of many chains of simple sugars and take longer to be broken down
  7. what is the basic units of all carbs?
    • glucose
    • glycogen
  8. list the 3 major monosaccharaides and an example of their source.
    • glucose-blood sugar
    • fructose-fruits
    • galactose-end product of milk sugar
  9. list the 3 major disaccharides and an example or their source.
    • lactose-milk sugar
    • sucrose-table sugar
    • maltose-grains
  10. list the major polysaccharides and an example of their source.
    • glycogen-animal starch
    • starch-tubers, roots, grains, legumes
    • dextrin- metabolic process changing starch into sugar ex. toasting bread.
  11. list examples of polysaccharides that are known as fibers and are not completely digestible.
    • cellulose-fruit and bean skin
    • hemi cellulose-plant wall, cereal fiber
    • pectins-forms gel in jelly, lemon rind
  12. what is the recommended intake of fiber per day?
  13. what is soluble fiber?
    • dissolve in water to form a gel.
    • beans, oatmeal
    • slows digestion
  14. what is insoluble fiber? 
    • does no dissolve in water
    • skins of corn, celery strings
    • speeds up digestion
  15. list ways a person could increase the fiber in their diet
    • eat more fruit and veggies
    • cereals
    • supplements
  16. what is the storage for of glucose in the body?
  17. where is glycogen stored in he body?
    • muscles
    • liver
    • in limited amounts
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