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  1. Appendicular skeleton (bones)
    portion of bones associated with the limbs.  Consists of clavicles, scapulae, ossa coxae, and all bones in free parts of limbs
  2. Axial skeleton (bones)
    the sternum and ribs, and the bones of the vertebral column and head.  All flat or irregular
  3. Other names for compact bone tissue
    cortical bone tissue and "densen" bone tissue
  4. disphysis
    the "shaft" of a long bone. It is named the body of that bone
  5. Endochondral ossification
    (intracartilaginous) bone tissue formation that involves an initial hyaline cartilage model. Multi-step process involving mineralization and then resorption of cartilage before bone tissue is formed.
  6. Epiphyseal cartilage
    a hyaline cartilage "growth plate" in an immature bone.
  7. Epiphysis
    either end of long bone
  8. Intramembranous ossification
    direct osteogenesis occurring within a thin sheet of connective t.p.  Helps bones grow in diameter
  9. metaphysis
    the portion of developing diaphysis that lies next to an epiphyseal cartilage. very high metabolic activity
  10. Osteogenesis
    the formation of bone tissue by osteoblasts
  11. what is included in pectoral girdle
    left and right clavicles and scapulae, and sternum
  12. what is included in pelvic girdle
    3 bones: left and right ossa coxae, and the sacral bone
  13. spongy bone tissue
    bone tissue formed of small spicules btwn intervening regions of bone marrow tissue.  found within the ends of long bones; also called trabecular or "cancellous" bone tissue
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