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  1. What is the purpose of sounding?

    Find out how much liquid is in a space or void
  2. What does air rushing in a sounding tube indicate?
    • Fire
  3. What does air rushing out a sounding tube indicate?

  4. What must be used when sounding a jp5 tank?
    • Grounding strap
  5. What can be use to make readings easyer?
    Sounding paste or chalk
  6. What is a AEL?
    • ( ALLOWANCE EQUIPMENT LIST ) List every iteam that is suppose to be in the kit
  7. What are plugs made of ?
    • Soft Wood ( Douglas fir or Yellow pine )
  8. What may be used in emergency to fill holes?
    • Pillows and Mattreses
  9. What is the size of a metal box patch? 
    • 18" Square 6" deep
  10. How many types of different patches do we have?
    Soft patch, Band-it patch, Ewarp patch, Jubilee patch
  11. What does PSI stand for?
    Pounds Per Square Inch
  12. How many PSI can the soft patch witstand?
    150 PSI or less
  13. What is a soft patch used for?
    Small holes/crack piping
  14. How manu PSI can the Band-it patch witstand?
    150 PSI or less
  15. What is the Band-it patch used for?
    Small holes/crack piping
  16. How many PSI can the Ewarp witstand?
    150 PSI or less
  17. What temperature can the ewarp witstand?
    MAX 300 Fehrenheit
  18. How long does it take ewarp to cure?
    30 min
  19. How many PSI can the jubilee patch witstand?
    Upward 100 PSI
  20. On what can you not use the jubilee patch?
    Fuel lines
  21. Material wise how many types of shoring are their?
    Two, Steal and Wood
  22. What type of wood is wood shoring made of?
    Two types of soft wood ( DOUGLAS FIR and YELLOW PINE )
  23. How many types of setups do we have for shoring?
    3 Setups. I type ( Direct pressure), H type ( Indirect pressure ), K type ( Triangulation pressure )
  24. How many diffent sizes of steel shoring are there?
    Two sizes( 3' to 5' and 6' to 11' )
  25. What is the max load for 3'-5' shoring?
    20,000 pounds Closed and 12,000 pounds Fully Open
  26. What is the max load for 6'-11' shoring?
    20,000 pounds Closed and 6,000 pound fully open
  27. What are the lenghts of wedges?
    6 times the min but thickness
  28. What are srtongbacks used for?
    To distribute pressure
  29. What types of hand and power tools are avalible for use?
    Tape measure and Folding ruler, Carpenters square, Measuring batten, Saw ( elecrtic/hand ), Mauls ( hammer/sledges ), Welding leathers and Welding machine
  30. What are the 3 parts of the carpenters square?
    • The HEEL, BODY and TONGUE.
  31. What is the downside to the measuring batten?
    May lose accuracy
  32. What is a ESP?
    • Electrical submersible pump
  33. How many phases and volts power the ESP?
    3 Phases 440 volts AC
  34. What is the ESP designed to pump?
    • Coll fresh or salt water
  35. What is the ESP not designed to pump?
    • Gasoline, heavy oils or hot water
  36. Whos permission do you need to pump DFM, JP-5 and Navy Distillate using the ESP?
    Chief Engineer ( Emergeny only )
  37. What are the parts of the ESP?
    • Basket strainer, 2 1/2" discharge, Control box and Handling line
  38. What does the words static head refer to?
    THe distance vertically which the ESP will have to pump water.
  39. With a satic head of 50' what is the gpm discharged using a ESP?
    200 GPM
  40. With a static head of 70' what is the discharge of a ESP?
    140 GPM
  41. After how many feet static head do we need another ESP ( IN TANDEM )?
    70' static head
  42. When using 2 ESP's in tandem which ESP do we turn on first?
  43. What is used to lower a ESP?
    Handling Line
  44. What is the max suction lift in which the ESP can lift water?
    20' ( Using a hard rubber suction hose )
  45. What is a PORTABLE EDUCTOR?
    • A dewatering tool which uses water pressure to to remove any type of liquid
  46. How many PORTABLE EDUCTORS do we have?
    Two. The S -TYPE and PERI-JET
  47. What is inlet size of the S-TYPE EDUCTOR?
    • 1 1/2" from y-gate
  48. What is the discharge size of the S-TYPE EDUCTOR?
    • 2 1/2"
  49. What size objects can a S-TYPE EDUCTOR suck in?
    • Anything less in size than a quarter ( Has a built in strainer ).
  50. What size inlet does a PERI-JET EDUCTOR have?
    • 2 1/2" Inlet straight to fire plug
  51. What is the discharge size of a PERI-JET?
    • 4"
  52. What is the max discharge of a PERI-JET?
    530 GPM
  53. What causes the PERI-JET to work?
    • 6 Jets that creat a VENTURI effect which sucks the water out
  54. What is the upside/downside to the PERI-JET?
    VENTURI effect may be lost causing the space to flood and it has not strianer so it can pass big object but downside no strainer also means it can clog up.
  55. What is more effective the S-TYPE or the PERI-JET?
  56. What is a P-100?
    • A potable pump
  57. What is the P-100 used for?
    PRIMARILY fire fighting SECOUNDARLY dewatering
  58. What can be used in conjuction with the P-100?
  59. How much does a P-100 weight?
    164 LBS
  60. What does a P-100 run off of?
  61. How much is a full tank on the P-100 and how long can a full tank last?
    A full tank is 1.75 GAL lasting 2.75 hours
  62. With a 20' suction lift how many GPM at what PSI is discharged using the P-100?
    100 GPM at 83 PSI
  63. With a 44' suction lift how many GPM at what PSI is discharged using the P-100?
    71 GPM
  64. How can we increase the suction power to 44' on the P-100?
  65. What is the discharge size and suction size of the P-100?
    2 1/2" discharge with a 3" suction
  66. What three throttle positions is the P -100 able yo be placed in?
  67. What position must the red lever be in before pulling starter rope?

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