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  1. according to the Health Belief model, why don't people take preventative measures?
    their beliefs/perceptions get in the way
  2. What are the three variables of the Health Belief model?
    • how bad we think the disease is
    • how likely we are to get the disease
    • how effective are the prevention methods
  3. How can culture/religion influence your decisions?
    how they perceive things can influence your choices.  Like if your church dislikes condoms, you might not chose to use one.
  4. What are the 5 stages people go through when deciding to change behavior?
    • 1) Awareness of risk/threat
    • 2) Acknowledgment of a significant risk to some group of people
    • 3) Acknowledgment of a significant risk to oneself
    • 4) Deciding to take action to reduce risk
    • 5) Initiation of the new behavior
  5. the cognitive principle:
    the information given should consider its target audience and the language. 
  6. the emotional principle:
    emotions can be used to change behavior by using positive and negative hooks appropriately
  7. the behavioral principle:
    be as direct and specific as possible, maybe even add a step-by-step process if there is new tech being used
  8. The Interpersonal Principle:
    know the social circles, take cultural biases into consideration.
  9. The Social Ecological Principle:
    considers the audience's social circles they interact with and the social norms with them, may use a role model to deliver the message.
  10. The Structural Principle:
    consider the physical, legal and technological setting around the target audience
  11. The Scientific Principle:
    scientific methods need to be employed to identify and quantify the success of a planned prevention program
  12. AIDS Prevention Among Young Gay and Bisexual Men – Mid 1990’s: who did they target? what did they promote?
    gay and bisexual men between age 18-29; safe anal sex practices
  13. AIDS Prevention Among Young Gay and Bisexual Men – Mid 1990’s: 4 main activities
    • 1) formal outreach with events and groups
    • 2) M-groups had a trained discussion leader to spread info on safe sex
    • 3) informal outreach to friends 
    • 4) ongoing publicity campaign
  14. AIDS Prevention Among Mexican Migrant Farm Workers – Early 1990’s: 
    aimed to educate farm workers about using condoms to stop HIV by using a photo story book  
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