Framework of a Hydrographic Survey

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  1. Hydrographic Survey
    A systematic charting of an area to provide for and obtain the data for the compilation of nautical charts, with emphasis on the features that may effect safe navigation.
  2. 5 Fundamental parts of a survey
    • Position
    • Orientation¬†
    • Scale
    • Shape¬†
    • Detail
  3. Position
    • The determination of a position with relative reliability is essential for the reference frame of a GIS.
    • Determination of positions on the Earth's surface requires the establishment of appropriate co-ordinates in the selected Geodetic Reference Systems.
  4. Orientation
    To be of use, the framework of the chart needs to be orientated. ie: True North
  5. Scale
    The scale or size must be determined by determining the distances between several marks.
  6. Shape
    Having established position, Orientation (azimuth), & scale, additional positions can be co-ordinated to provide a 'framework' that allows all the detail of the survey to be fixed.
  7. Detail
    Is collecting the data within the framework such as bathymetry and tides
  8. 5 steps involved in the Sequence of a survey
    • Hydroscheme
    • Hydrographic Instruction
    • Data Collection
    • Report of Survey
    • Survey Validation/Appraisal
  9. Hydroscheme
    Program which summarises the hydrographic activities over a period of 3 years in support of civil community and defence needs.
  10. Hydrographic Instruction (HI)
    • Initial planning of surveys.
    • It contains:
    • Reason for survey
    • Survey Limits
    • Survey standards
    • Survey scale
    • Horizontal Datum
    • Projection & Grid
    • Tidal Datum & Observations
    • Wrecks in area
    • Geodetic Data
    • Special Instructions relating to access
  11. Report of Survey
    A comprehensive report which contains a full summary of the results obtained, the methods employed and decisions made during a survey.

    Rendered on F_05_ALL_AA273451
  12. Survey Validation/Appraisal
    • When the completed ROS is received by the Hydro office it is split into sections for stringent checking by the relevant departments.
    • On completion of this checking a survey Appraisal is raised & sent to the responsible Charge Surveyor.
  13. 5 areas of Info that are produced in a survey
    • Coastlines
    • Depths
    • Oceanographic Data
    • Tides & currents
    • Physical properties of the water column
  14. Structure of the ROS
    • Submission of Data: conduct of survey in relation to problems encountered, amount completed ect.
    • Part 1: Conduct of survey under a series of mandatory headings
    • Technical Pages: Technical worksheets covering aspects ranging from Navigation Validation, to the list of nominal personnel.
  15. Function of QMS
    An application that employs a database and search engine to provide survey documentation in a controlled manner.
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