Geo2: Chapter 8

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  1. Mechanisms of seed dispersal 
    • 1. Wind
    • Ex. Anemophores
    • 2. Water
    • Ex.Hydrophores
    • 3. Animals
    • Ex. Zoochores
  2. Plant-animal relationships
    • 1. Seed predation
    • -Ex. Acorn woodpecker
  3. Colonization
    ability to successfully expand onto a new area
  4. Seasonal migration
    • the annual movement of an organism from region to another
    • Ex. Salmon migration 
  5. Irruption
    the episodic explosion in the population size and geographic range of insects or animals
  6. Population Dynamics
    • 1. Exponential growth 
    • -an unrestricted increase in population size
    • 2. Logistic growth
    • -the S-shaped growth in an environment which there is a limitation to the population size
  7. Carry Capacity
    the number of individuals of a species that a given area can support
  8. Diffusion
    gradual, slow penetration 
  9. Jump Dispersal
    long distance expansion 
  10. Barrier
    geographical feature that blocks dispersal/colonization 
  11. Corridor
    geographical feature that promotes dispersal/colonization 
  12. Bering land bridge
    -allowed human and animal migration from Asia to North America
  13. Great American Exchange
    • movement of terrestrial fauna after formation of the Isthmus of Panama 
    • -from North America to South American and reverse
  14. Sweepstake route
    colonization of remote islands
  15. Exotic species
    • -non-native species
    • -introduced voluntarily or involuntary by the people
    • -Ex. Asian longhorned beetles destroy mature trees
  16. Invasive species in terrestrial ecosystems
    • -species that is not native and causes disruption 
    • Ex. Cane Toad(South America) introduced to Hawaii
  17. Invasive species in marine ecosystems
    • Ex. Nile(Africa) perch introduced to lake Victoria
    • Ex. zebra mussels
  18. The role of ballast water
    allowed zebra mussels to enter the Great Lakes from the ballast water of ships
  19. Tree Canopy Morphology
    • 1. Emergent Layer
    • 2. Canopy
    • 3. Under Store
    • 4. Shrub layer
    • 5. Forest floor
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