The Necklace and the Interlopers

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  1. affrays
  2. brougham
    horsedrawn carriage
  3. chic
  4. condolences
    expressions of sympathy
  5. dowdy
  6. dowry
    property and money a woman brings to her marriage
  7. disheveled
    messy, untidy
  8. inference
    reasonable conclusion drawn from limited information
  9. irony
    contrast between what appears to be and what really is
  10. langour
  11. poaching
    illegal hunting
  12. precipitous
  13. profoundly
  14. promissory notes
    written promise to pay back borrowed money
  15. rueful
    deep regret
  16. resplendent
    elegant, beautiful
  17. sou
    former French coin
  18. author of The Necklace
    • Guy de Maupassant
    • 1850-1893
  19. What kind of tales did Maupassant write?
    realistic and pessimistic with surprise endings
  20. Who led the circle of writers that Maupassant joined?
    French novelist Emile Zola
  21. Who guided Maupassant?
    French author Gustave Flaubert
  22. What was Maupassant's first short story and in what year was it published?
    • "Ball of Fat"
    • 1880
  23. How many short stories and novels did Maupassant write?
    • 300 short stories
    • 6 novels
    • other books
  24. Who is the author of The Interlopers?
  25. What is Saki's real name?
    H.H Munro
  26. Where was Munro born?
    • Burma
    • sent to live in England at age 2
  27. What was Munro's collection of short stories and when was it published?
    • Reginald
    • 1904
  28. How was Saki killed?
    during World War 1 he fought for the British army and was killed in France
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