germ line concept & Meiosis

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  1. germ line
    • line age of cell
    • give rise gamete
  2. Primordial germ cells
    • segregated during embryonic development
    • and give rise to gametes
  3. somatic cell
    produce all other parts of body
  4. gonads
    Primordial germ cells associate with somatic cells 
  5. part of gonad ?
    ovaries and testes
  6. where primordial cells locate ?
    yolk sac, appendage of embryonic gut
  7. where primordial germ cells migrate to ?
    mesodermal gonad rudiment
  8. Somatic gonadal cells ?
    development of testes and ovaries
  9. germ cells are called ?
  10. germ cell of male and female?
    Spermatogonia and Oogonia
  11. if not identical, set of genes are ?
  12. In diploid cells each maternal chromosome has ?
    a paternal homologue
  13. what chromosomes are non homologous ?
    sex chromosomes
  14. each chromosome produce ? 
    2 identical chromatids
  15. meiosis 1 ?
    pairs of homologous chromosomes seperate into two daughter cells
  16. Meiosis II
    two chromatids seperate into four haploid cells
  17. synaptonemal complex ?
    hold chromatics together
  18. crossing over
    place where chromatid exchange genetic information
  19. chiasma
    disintergrate synaptonemal complex in Metaphase I
  20. result of crossing over, each chromosome at telophase I consists of ?
    non identical chromatid
  21. primary spermatocyte gives rise to ?
    four haploid spermatids
  22. primary oocyte gives rise to ?
    one egg and three polar bodies which degenerate
  23. The gonial cell about to undergo Meiosis I?
    Primary oocyte or primary spermatocyte
  24. Cells arising from Meiosis I?
    Secondary oocytes or Secondary spermatocytes ?
  25. Male germ cells after completion of meiosis ?
  26. Female germ cell after release from the ovary ?

    Process called ?
    • Egg or oocyte
    • Process called ovulation
  27. Anaphase I produces nuclei that may contain any combination of maternally and paternally derived chromosomes ?
    independent assortment
  28. what can combine segments of chromosomes with ‘good’ genes ?
    Crossing over
  29. fertilization
    combination of maternal and parental genes, all are associated with with sexual reproduction.
  30. Segregation
    provides favorable mutation can be quickly established in homozygous configuration
  31. individual has two identical copies of a gene ?
  32. individual has two allelic copies but not identical genes ?
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