Horseback Riding

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  1. the part of the horse between their ears
  2. the bangs of the horse
    the forelock
  3. where the neck and back meet
  4. part of bridle that attaches the bit
  5. type of bit that is joined in the center
  6. front and back part of saddle
    pommel and cantle
  7. skirt
    part of saddle that hangs over the stirrups
  8. side of saddle where your kegs hang
  9. the front padded area of the flap
    knee roll
  10. straps under the flap that attach the girth
  11. tops part of leg
    top joint that connects
    lower part of leg
    lower joint that connects
    • forearm
    • knee
    • cannon bone
    • fetlock
  12. part between fetlock and hoof
    part of neck where mane attaches to the neck
    belly of horse
    where tail attaches to haunches
    • pastern
    • crest
    • barrel
    • dock
  13. joint at the top of leg that attaches it to haunches
    second joint in horses back leg
    muscle between stifle and hock
    sunken area behind the barrel
    • stifle
    • hock
    • gaskin
    • flank
  14. pad the protects area around withers
    gell-filled oad that protects horses back
    pad that rises back of saddle
    wrap on horses leg
    • wither pad
    • gel pad
    • riser pad
    • polo wraps
  15. inside front leg that extends farther forward at canter
  16. pole on the ground to help horse know distance and height of jump
    ground line
  17. circle before or after course to decide pace
    courtesy circle
  18. snaffle with long cheek peices
    snaffle with cheek pieces in shape of "o"
    snaffle in shape of "d"
    snaffle in soft oval shape
    • full cheek snaffle
    • loose ring snaffle
    • D ring snaffle
    • egg butt snaffle
  19. shape that ressembles S
  20. changin canter lead by changing pace
    simple change
  21. two or more jumps in a row
    line of jumps on outside of arena
    line of jumps across diagonal arena
    • line
    • outside line
    • diagonal line
  22. where horse takes off
    far away
    too close
    takes half step
    jumps at correct spot
    • distance
    • long
    • deep
    • chip
    • good
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