Mt. Vesuvius

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  1. calamity (kuh-LAM-ih-tee)
    • noun; a great misfortune or disaster
    • example: The Great Depression was the worst economic calamity in American history.
  2. consolation (kon-suh-LEY-shuhn)
    • noun; comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment
    • example: Earning an “A” in her physics class was consolation to Sara after her less-than-stellar performance on the history exam.
  3. imminent (IHM-uh-nunt)
    • adjective; likely to occur at any moment; impending
    • example: The sound of a rattlesnake shaking its tail is a sign of imminent danger.
  4. mosaic (moh-ZEY-ik)
    • noun; a picture or pattern made of many smaller pictures, pieces, or parts
    • example: The mosaic at city hall is made up of thousands of stained-glass pieces in different
    • colors—it’s astonishing.
  5. plume (ploom)
    • noun; a feather or something resembling a feather in shape or appearance (commonly used when referring to smoke or vapor)
    • example: A plume of dark smoke rising above the treetops signaled to the hunters that campers were nearby.
  6. ransack (RAN-sak)
    • verb; to damage, steal, or cause disorder
    • example: “Burglars ransacked a home on Pine Street, breaking many windows and leaving no
    • valuables behind,” read the front page of the Goldenville Gazette.
  7. sulfurous (SUHL-fuhr-uhs)
    • adjective; 1. of or relating to sulfur; 2. having a yellowish color or unpleasant rotten-egg smell associated with sulfur
    • example: Though Luis enjoyed his stay in Yellowstone National Park, by the end of the week, he was quite relieved to get away from the sulfurous smell of the geysers.
  8. petrified (PEH-truh-fahyd)
    • adjective ; 1. converted to stone or a stoney substance; 2. so frightened that one is unable to move
    • example 1: Archaeologists recently discovered a large number of petrified dinosaur bones in southern Colorado.
    • example 2: Eliza sat petrified as she watched an enormous spider scurry across the lunch table.
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