US History Review Chapters 27-30

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  1. Theodore Roosevelt
    1900's UP candidate
  2. Insular Cases
    Supreme Court decision that stated American laws may not be acquired in territories
  3. Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine
    Used to justify American intervention in Latin America
  4. Platt Amendment
    Guaranteed US the virtual right of Cuba
  5. Muckrakers
    Journalists who wanted to expose social problems
  6. USS Maine
    US ship that exploded in Havana Harbor
  7. Open Door Policy
    Argued for free trade in China
  8. World War I
    Marked the end of progressivism
  9. 1902 Coal Strike
    Labor dispute in which the government sided with the labor
  10. Russo-Japanese War
    Roosevelt was awarded Nobel prize for helping settle war in North Korea
  11. Ray Stannard Baker
    Muckraker who wrote about condition of blacks
  12. Woodrow Wilson
    His domestic policy favored small business & entrepreneurship
  13. Meat Packing Industry
    Subject of The Jungle
  14. Dollar Diplomacy
    Name for Taft's foreign policy
  15. Alfred Thayer Mahan
    Argued that sea power was necessary for naval forces
  16. Queen Liliuokalani
    Wanted to maintain native Hawai'i
  17. Ida Tarbell
    Muckraker who exposed the ruthless business practices of Rockefeller
  18. Square Deal
    Name of TR's progressive reform
  19. Latin America
    Main reason for US involvement for debts to Europe
  20. Bully Pulpit
    Theodore Roosevelt term for power of presidency
  21. William Jennings Bryan
    Candidate for president that said imperialism was the chief concern
  22. Trust-busting
    Practice used by Roosevelt to regulate monopolies by big business
  23. Howard Taft
    Continued Roosevelt's Square Deal
  24. Teller Amendment
    Law that guaranteed Cuban independence
  25. 17th Amendment
    Allowed direct election of senetors
  26. Boxer Rebellion
    Attempted to expel all foreigners from arriving
  27. Root-Takahira Agreement
    Stated that US and Japan would respect each other's territories
  28. Progressive Movement
    Involved both political parties, all levels of government, all regions.
  29. Mexico
    Wilson sent US troops here to track down a murderer
  30. New Freedom
    Wilson's domestic program
  31. New Nationalism
    Philosophy supporting a broad program of social reform
  32. 19th Amendment
    Woman Suffrage
  33. Eugene V. Debs
    Socialist nominee for president in 1912
  34. Woodrow Wilson
    Democratic 1912 presidential nominee
  35. 18th Amendment
    Provides for prohibition
  36. Elkins & Hepburn Act
    Laws cast to regulate railroad communications
  37. Initiative
    Enabled citizens to draft laws
  38. Referendum
    Provides for a popular vote on laws passed by lawmakers
  39. Graft (stealing)
    Progressives wanted to end this practice
  40. Taft
    Republican presidential candidate in 1912
  41. 16th Amendment
    Established a federal income tax
  42. Prohibition
    Progressive goal
  43. Louis Brandeis
    First Jew to sit in Supreme Court
  44. David Graham Phillips
    Muckraker who wrote about corruption in Congress
  45. American Naval Troops
    Blocked Colombian troops from crossing the Isthmus and crushing Panamanians
  46. Recall
    Allowed citizens to remove officials from office
  47. Lincoln Stephens
    a New York reporter who launched a series of articles in McClure's that would later be published together in a book titled The Shame of the Cities. He is famous for investigating corruption in municipal government in American cities and for his early support for the Soviet Union.
  48. Theodore Roosevelt
    Progressive party representative for president in 1912
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