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  1. Peninsulares?
    Spaniards born in Spain but living in "New Spain" (owned the land, new rulers).
  2. Criollos?
    Spaniards born and raised in New Spain (sons and daughters of Peninsulares).
  3. Mestizos?
    European and Indian.
  4. Indians?
    Someone native to an area or indigenous.
  5. Mulattoes?
    European and Africa.
  6. Encomienda?
    A system of land grants including the Indians who were bound to the land (slaves to land, used during colonial times).
  7. Hacienda?
    Large estates or ranches (first run by peninsulares).
  8. Ejidos?
    Land owned by a community of Indians (used during pre-colonial time or Ancient time).
  9. Iberian Peninsula?
    Landform containing Portugal and Spain.
  10. Colony?
    A territory controlled by people from a foreign land.
  11. Mercantilism?
    Economic theory using colonies to increase a nation's wealth by gaining access to labor and natural resources.
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