Y2: Immune Lymphatic

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  1. Lymphatic system
    • *returns leaked palsma to blood vessels after cleansing of bacteri & other foreign matter
    • *innate (natural) defenses hinder pathogen entry
    • *prevent spread of disease -causing micro-organisms
    • *strengthen immune response
  2. Lymphatic vessels

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    • *transport lymph fluid which contains lymphocytes, macrophages, antigens and collects excess fluid from the body's tissues.
    • *form a one-way system and lymph flows only towards the heart.
  3. Lymph fluid
    *transported to the lymph nodes where antigens are processed and killed
  4. Lymph nodes

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    • *help protect the body by removing foreign material (bacteria and tumor cells) from the lymphatic stream & by producing lymphocytes that function in immune response.
    • *Remove antigens that circulate in the lymph fluid & blood
  5. Spleen

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    • *located left side of abdominal cavity beneath diaphragm & curls around the left side of stomach
    • *filters and cleanses blood of bacteria, viruses, and other debris
    • *contain B-cell, T-cells, macrophages, dentritic cells, natural killer cells and RBC's.

    • *store platelets and act as  blood reservoir.
    • *site of RBC production during foetal development.
    • *when the body responds to pathogen by using lymphocytes & macrophages. 
    • *It recognized antigens and bind to them, communicate to the mount an attach on specific antigen.
  7. CMI: Cytotoxic T cells
    *destroy tumor cells, damaged or dysfunctional cells and cells infected by pathogens.
  8. CMI: Helper T cells (T4 cells)
    activated by the present of pathogenic antigens
  9. Activated Helper T cells
    maximise the immune system by activating and directing other immune cells and stimulated B'cell to mature and secretes antibodies
  10. CMI: Suppressor T Cells (T8 cell)
    • *depress the activities of other T cells and B cells
    • *maintain immune system homeostasis 
    • *prevent autoimmune response
  11. Humoral immunity
    • * when the body response to pathogens by using antibodies.
    • *B cells(lymphocytes) produced in bone marrow & response to specific antigen by immunoglobulin (antibodies-group of protein) or antibody responses.
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