history 26.1-26.4 test

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  1. entente
    nonbinding agreement to follow comon policies
  2. Moroccan crises
    competition for colonies
  3. militarism
    glorification of the military
  4. Alsace and Lorraine
    French lost this border province in the Franco-Prussian war
  5. "powder keg"
  6. Francis Ferdinand
    archduke of Austria who was assassinated
  7. ultimatum
    final set of demands
  8. mobilize
    prepare military forces for war
  9. neutrality
    supporting neither side in war
  10. Schlieffen Plan
    have Germany attack France quickly on the west, then attack slow mobilizing Russia on the east
  11. stalemate
    deadlock in which neither side is able to defeat the other
  12. technology of modern warfare
    • rapid-fire machine gun
    • artillery gun
    • poison gas
    • tanks
    • airplanes
    • submarines
    • zeppelins
  13. zeppelin
    large gas-filled balloon
  14. U-boats
    German submarine
  15. convoys
    groups of merchant ships protected by warships
  16. Dardanelles
    vital strait connecting Black Sea and Mediterranean
  17. Amerian
    • minorities who lived on Turkish and Russian border
    • got deported by Ottoman gov b/c they helped Russian army against Turks
  18. T.E. Lawrence
    support Arab revolt against Ottomans
  19. total war
    channeling of a nation's entire resources into war effort
  20. conscription
    • "the draft" which required all young men to be ready for military
    • Britain last to initiate policy
  21. contraband
    • military supplies and raw materials needed to make military supplies
    • not suposed to be confiscated blockades
  22. _____ first blockaded Germany
  23. Lusitania
    British boat with American soldiers which the Germans sunk
  24. Propaganda
    spreading of ideas to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause
  25. atrocities
    horrible acts committed against innocent people
  26. Treatyof Brest-Litovsk
    signed by Lenin with Germany to end Russian participation in WWI
  27. Why did the US get involved in WWI?
    • Germany resume unrestricted blockades
    • Britain intercepts Zimmerman tellegram about Mexico
  28. Fourteen Points
    a list of Wilson's terms for resolving WWI and future wars
  29. self-determination
    right of people to chose their own form of gov
  30. armistice
    agreement to end fighting
  31. pandemic
    influenza spread of disease around the world
  32. reparations
    payments for war damage
  33. radicals
    people who wanted to make extreme change
  34. Paris Peace Confrence
    • Wilson (America)- humble peace
    • George (Britain)- build post-war Britain "fit for heroes"
    • Clemenceau (France)- weaken Germany
  35. League of Nations
    general association of nations to keep peace
  36. collective security
    system in which a group of nations act as one to preserve the peace of all
  37. Treaty of Versailles
    Germany was to take full blame for WWI, pay reparations, limit army size, and give up territory
  38. New nations emerged from which countries after WWI?
    Germany, Austria, Russia
  39. mandates
    territories administered by Western powers (European colonies)
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