Latin Prepositions

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  1. ā, ab
    (ā- before m, v; abs- before c, t; as- before p)
    from (abl.)
  2. cōram
    in presence of (abl.)
  3. cum
    (usually becomes con-; com- before b, m, p; col- before l; cor- before r; cō- before n; co- before vowels, h)
    with (abl.)
  4. down from, from (abl.)
  5. ē, ex
    (ef-, sometimes ec- before f; remains ex- before vowels, h, c, p, s, t; e- elsewhere; s after x sometimes dropped, e.g., expectare)
    out of, from (abl.)
  6. in
    (im- before b, m, p; sometimes il- before l; ir- before r)
    in (abl.) / into (acc.)
  7. intus
    within (rare) (abl.)
  8. palam
    in presence of (abl.)
  9. prae
    in front of (abl.)
  10. prō
    before, forth (abl.)
  11. procul
    far from (abl.)
  12. simul
    together with (abl.)
  13. sine
    without (abl.)
  14. sub
    (usually sus- before s; suc- before c; suf- before f; sug- before g; sum- before m; sur- before r; sometimes sus- before c, t)
    under (at rest - abl.) / under (w/ motion - acc.)
  15. subter
    under (acc.) / under (poetry - abl.)
  16. super
    over (w/ motion - acc.) / above (at rest - abl.)
  17. tenus
    as far as (gen. or abl.)
  18. ad
    (ac- before c, q, sometimes other consonants; sometimes a- before sc, sp, st; ar- in arcessere and arbiter)
    to (acc.)
  19. adversus, adversum
    towards (acc.)
  20. ante
    (anti- in antistāre)
    before (acc.)
  21. apud
    by, before (acc.)
  22. circā, circum
    (sometimes drops -m, e.g., circutre)
    about (acc.)
  23. cis, citrā
    this side of (acc.)
  24. clam
    unknown to (acc.)
  25. contrā
    (sometimes contrō-)
    against (acc.)
  26. ēgrā
    towards (of relation) (acc.)
  27. extrā
    outside (acc.)
  28. infrā
    below (acc.)
  29. inter
    between (acc.)
  30. intrā
    within (acc.)
  31. juxtā
    close to (acc.)
  32. ob
    (oc- before c; of- before f; op- before p; sometimes written op- before s, t)
    in front of (acc.)
  33. penes
    in the power of (acc.)
  34. per
    (pel- only in pel-icere, pel-lucere; often means very with ajectives)
    through (acc.)
  35. pōne
    behind (acc.)
  36. post
    behind, after (acc.)
  37. praeter
    past, beyond (acc.)
  38. prope
    near (acc.)
  39. propter
    near, because of (acc.)
  40. secundum
    following on (acc.)
  41. suprā
    over (acc.)
  42. trāns
    (trā- before d, j, n; sometimes before l, m)
    across (acc.)
  43. versus
    towards (acc.)
  44. ultrā
    beyond (acc.)
  45. usque
    right up to (acc.)
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