Wordly wise lesson 9

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  1. allure
    n. The power to attract or charm.
  2. antiquity
    • n. 1. The ancient world, especially before the Middle Ages.
    • 2. The quality of great age.
  3. antiquities
    n. Valuable objects from ancient times.
  4. appraise
    • v. 1. To estimate the value of.
    • 2. To form a judgment of; to evaluate.
  5. cleave
    • v. 1. To cling to or be faithful to.
    • 2. To split with force or a sharp instrument.
  6. depreciate
    • v. 1. To make or become less in value.
    • 2. To represent as of little value; to belittle.
  7. facet
    • n. 1. Any of the many small, flat surfaces on a precious stone made by cutting.
    • 2. One of many sides or aspects of something.
  8. facsimile
    n. An exact copy.
  9. impervious
    • adj. 1. Incapable of being penetrated.
    • 2. Not affected or disturbed by.
  10. nondescript
    adj. Hard to describe because of a lack of distinctive qualities or features.
  11. quandary
    n. A state of being in doubt about what to do.
  12. repose
    • v. 1. To lie at rest.
    • 2. To place (power, etc.) in some person or group.

    n. A state of rest or relaxation.
  13. scintillate
    • v. 1. To flash or sparkle.
    • 2. To be lively and witty.
  14. scrutinize
    v. To examine with great care.
  15. scrutiny
    n. Close examination.
  16. synthetic
    adj. Not naturally produced; made by artificial processes.
  17. transmute
    v. To change the form or appearance of.
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