Garcia Girls & Always Running Vocabulary

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  1. Acclimate
    Get used to, Adapt
  2. Alien
    A person born in or belonging to another country who has not acquired citizenship
  3. Asylum
    Sanctuary, Refuge
  4. Cajole
    To persuade
  5. Canonize
    To sanctify or bless
  6. Cede
    To yield or give up
  7. Chicano/a
    Mexican American-A term ethnic pride with strong political associations
  8. Consulship
    An official appointment by a government to live in a foreign country to represent the interests of the appointing country
  9. Covenant
    Promise or Agreement
  10. Endearment
    A sweet nothing, An affectionate term
  11. Expurgate
    To clean up, purge
  12. Facsimile
    Duplicate, reproduction
  13. Gauche
    Vulgar, tasteless, tacky
  14. Greenhorn
    Novice, beginner
  15. Guerilla
    A soldier engaged in overthrowing a political force
  16. Hispanic 
    Descendants of Spanish-speaking people
  17. ingratiatingly
    Pleasingly, flatteringly
  18. Interlace
    To entwine or intertwine
  19. Latino/a 
    Subjects of Latin American origins 
  20. Lurid
    Loud, garish
  21. Monolingual
    Knowing or only using one language 
  22. Pantomime
    To convey actions or emotions with gestures
  23. Phlanx
    A number of persons united for a common cause
  24. Prodigious 
    Extraordinary, phenomenal
  25. Quip
    Clever remark
  26. Render
    To cause to be, to make
  27. Talisman
    Amulet, Charm
  28. Turbulent
  29. Tycoon
    A mogul or magnate
  30. Vivacious
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