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  1. Define Metabolism.
    a group of chemical processes that builds or breaks down body tissues after absorption
  2. What are the three processes involved in metabolism?
    • catabolism
    • anabolism
    • waste removal
  3. What is catabolism?
    the breakdown of complex materials into simpler materials
  4. What is anabolism?
    the synthesis of complex materials from simple compounds
  5. Why is the liver important in metabolism?
    It's the central hub of metabolism as there is a portal vein from the cecum to the liver. 
  6. Gastrin:
    • pyloric antrum of stomach or abomasum
    • stimulates through stomach distension
    • stimulates acid secretion by gastric glands
  7. Describe secretin.
    • occurs in 1st cells in small intestine
    • stimulated by acidification of duodenum and peptones in duodenum
    • stimulation of volume and bicarbonate outputs of pancreatic secretion and of bile¬†
    • (prevents enzymes from being destroyed)
  8. CCK (Cholecystokinin)
    • starts in small intestine
    • stimulated by long-chain fatty acids, amino acids, peptones
    • Functions: contraction of gall bladder and pancreas, stimulates synthesis of pancreatic enzymes (fat digestion), inhibits HCl secretion, enances insulin release, may induce satiety (animal feeling full)
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Goes through the basic process of metabolism and some important hormones to know.
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