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  1. Describe the acromion:
    • Extension of the scapular spine past the head of the scapula.
    • Hooks around front.
    • Has a Facet for the clavicle.
  2. Describe the subscapular fossa:
    • On the anterior side of the scapula.
    • Below the coracoid process and glennoid cavity.
    • The main front facing body.
  3. Describe the Supraspinous fossa:
    • The fossa just above the scapular spine.
    • Posterior, and touches the coracoid process.
  4. Describe the Infraspinous process.
    The lower posterior portion of the scapula. Just below the scapular spine. Touches the Head and neck of the scapula.
  5. Describe the spine of the scapula:
    • The most latteral end is the acromium.
    • The widening on the medial side is the deltoid tubercle.
  6. Where is the infraglenoid tubercle?
    Looking at the glenoid cavity, it is just below.
  7. Describe the Posterior face of the Humerus:
    • Greater tubercle Is latteral at the head.
    • The deltoid tuberosity and the radial groove are midpoint on the shaft.
    • 2 supracondyle ridges.
    • Olecranon fossa, and 2 epichondyles.
  8. Describe the Anterior face of the humerus:
    • Greater tubercle, intertubercular groove, lesser tubercle.
    • the 2 tubercles desend down as crests.
    • Deltoid tuberosidy is lateral and mid way.
    • Radial fossa is latteral, coranoid fossa is medial.
    • Capitulum is latteral and Trochlea is medial.
  9. Describe what kind of muscles are attached to the 2 epichondyles:
    • Lateral epichondyle is for extensors
    • Medial epichondyle is for flexors.
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