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  1. Two examples of long arms
    Rifles and Shotguns
  2. Two examples of Handguns
    Revolvers and pistols
  3. What is the projectile
    The bullet
  4. Another word for the casing
    • Case
    • catridge
  5. The projectile and the case make the
  6. Another word for the round is the
  7. All rounds are considered ______ except the ______ which is a _______ cartridge
    • center fire cartridge
    • 22 caliber
    • rim fire
  8. What kind of metals are bullets usually made of
    • Lead
    • Copper
    • Silver
  9. What is located in the cartridge
    Gun powder
  10. What is on the base of the cartridge
    • Manufacturer information (Headstamp)
    • Primer
  11. What does the firing pin hit to initiate the bullet
    The primer
  12. Many bullets are what kind
    Copper round nose
  13. Describe hollow point bullets
    • There is a hole in the middle
    • The bullet flares out until flat
  14. What impact does the hollow point bullet have
    When it hits it creates shock waves
  15. What is the difference with a 22 caliber
    It has no primer
  16. What is the caliber
    The diameter of the bullet and the shell casing
  17. Another word for the 9mm caliber
    NATO round
  18. What is the difference between a 38 caliber and a 357 magnum
    The 357 magnum is longer
  19. What is a common police round
    40 caliber
  20. Name the following caliber in increasing power order.
    22 caliber 38 caliber 45 caliber 380 44 magnum 40 caliber 9mm 357 magnum
    • 22 caliber
    • 380
    • 9mm
    • 38 caliber
    • 357 magnum
    • 40 caliber
    • 45 caliber
    • 44 magnum
  21. What is a live bullet
    When the bullet is still in the cartridge
  22. What is a spent bullet
    Where there is no bullet left in the cartridge
  23.  What is the cyclinder
    Where the bullets go in the revolver
  24. Where are the bullets located a semiautomatic pistol
    The magazine
  25. What happens to the cartridges with a semiautomatic pistol
    They go out from the ejection port
  26. What is a stove pipe
    When the casing is stuck in the ejection port
  27. What are the two kinds of revolvers
    Single shot and Double action
  28. In single shot and revolves where does the cartridges go
    They stay in the gun
  29. How are shotgun bores measured
    In gauges
  30. In shot guns the ______ the number the_______ the diameter
    • smaller
    • larger
  31. What is the purpose of the jacket
    To  keep the bullet intact
  32. What is the difference of shotguns
    Shotgun barrels are smooth
  33. NIBIN
    National Integrated Ballistic Information Network
  34. What gives the bullet distance
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