Pharm ch 42

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  1. antimetabolite
    a drug or other substance that is either a receptor antagonist or that resembles a normal human metabolite and interferes with its function in the body, usually by competing for the metabolite's usual receptors or enzymes
  2. dermatophyte
    one of several fungi, often found in soil, that infect skin, nails, or hair of humans
  3. ergosterol
    • an unsaturated hydrocarbon of the vitamin D group isolated from yeast, mushrooms, ergot, and other fungi
    • the main sterol in fungal membranes
  4. fungi
    • a very large, diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms that require an external carbon source and that form a plant structure known as a thallus
    • consist of yeasts and molds
  5. molds
    multicellular fungi characterized by long, branching filaments called hyphae, which entwine to form a complex branched structure known as a mycelium
  6. mycosis
    the general term for any fungal infection
  7. pathologic fungi
    fungi that cause mycoses 
  8. sterols
    substances in the cell membranes of fungi to which polyene antifungal drugs bind
  9. yeasts
    single-celled fungi that reproduce by budding
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