Psychology Chp.11 (3)

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  1. To Piaget, cognitive development involves
    Stages that are characterized by fundamentally different thought processes
  2. Four year old Mealanie is exploring one day, and she finds a bottle of vitamins in a cupboard. They looks just like some of the candies she got for Halloween, so she eats them all. Melanie's error illustrates the process that Piaget referred to as
  3. Revising a mental structure to incorporatw new information new information is referred to as
  4. For children, in which Piagetian stage might we be correct with the old expression "Out of sight is out of mind"?
  5. Your psychology professor tells you that he believes that children's cognitive development is fueled by social interractions with adults and older children who provide guidance to allow the child to gradually increase competence on the task. Which theorist does your professor's view most resemble?
    Lev Vygotsky
  6. At the preoconvential level, the child decides if things are good or bad (moral) on the basis of whether they
    Bring punishment or reward
  7. Suggesting that a poor man who stole food to feed his family was right, because human life takes precedence over rules, is an example of
    A postconventional moral reasoning
  8. Conventional thinking in moral development bases morality (right or wrong) on
    Society's laws
  9. The person who objects to war on the basis of higher moral principles and a personal code of ethics would be said to be at which of the following levels or moral development?
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