SAT 2-2

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  1. archaeology 
    the recovery and study of material evidence from the past 
  2. botany 
    the study of plants 
  3. cosmology 
    the study of the universe; a theory or model of the universe 
  4. ecology 
    the study of the relations between living organisms and their enviroment 
  5. entomology 
    the study of insects 
  6. herpetology 
    the study of lizards and amphibians 
  7. ichthyology 
    the study of fish 
  8. ornithology 
    the study of birds 
  9. paleontology 
    the study of fossils of life forms from the past 
  10. zoology 
    the study of animals 
  11. acclaim 
    to praise enthusiastically, esp. publicly 
  12. adjunct 
    something attached to another in a subordinate position 
  13. advocate 
    to speak in support of something 
  14. arrogate 
    to claim for one's self unjustly 
  15. assail 
    to attack; to assault 
  16. bawdy 
    indecent or humorously coarse; lewd 
  17. belligerent 
    eager to fight; aggressive; engaged in warfare 
  18. blandishment 
    a flattering act or remark; allurement; enticement 
  19. candor 
    frankness or sincerity of expression 
  20. cantankerous 
    bad-tempered; quarrelsome 
  21. chimerical 
    created by or as is by a fanciful imagination 
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