Micro Test 4: Arboviruses

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  1. Arboviruses are transmitted by
  2. Name 5 arboviruses
    • Togaviridae
    • Flaviviridae
    • Rhabdoviridae
    • Bunyaviridae
    • Reoviridae
  3. Name the 2 Arboviruses w/ a Tick Vector: 
    • Nairovirus- Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (Bunyaviridae)
    • Colitivirus- Colorado Tick Fever (Reoviridae)

    *All other viruses are transmitted by mosquito
  4. Arbovirus Clinical Syndromes can include
    • Undifferentiated febrile illness w/ or w/o a rash
    • Acute CNS disease (aspetic meningitis, encephalitis, encephalomyelitis)
    • Hemorrhagic fever (systemic febrile illness w/ cardiovascular instability, w/ or w/o hepatic and/or renal insufficiency)
  5. Name the 4 Arboviruses in which you get viral hemorrhagic fever
    • Bunyaviridae- Nairovirus- CCHF
    • Bunyaviridae- Phleboviruses- Rift Valley Fever
    • Flaviviridae- Flavivirus- Dengu
    • Flaviviridae-Flavivirus- Yellow Fever
  6. Name the arbovirus in which the only associated clinical syndrome is encephalitis
    Togaviridae- Alphaviruses- EEE
  7. All other arboviruses have what associated clinical syndromes
    Fever, Encephalitis
  8. Most common arboviral encephalitis in US
    West Nile Virus
  9. Only arbovirus where man is not an incidental/ dead end host
    Dengue, Yellow Fever
  10. Only arbovirus with a preventative vaccine
    Dengue, Yellow Fever
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