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  1. Name the nine forms of energy
    • thermal
    • light
    • electrical
    • kinetic
    • sound
    • nuclear potential
    • chemical
    • gravitational potential
    • elastic potential
  2. What does the law of conservation of energy say?
    Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another.
  3. In a Sankey diagram, why is the width of the arrows important?
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    They represent the amount of energy
  4. What is efficiency a measure of?
    • The proportion of energy that is transformed into useful forms.
    • (What is useful will depend on what you are trying to do – in a light the light energy will be useful, in a loudspeaker it will be sound energy)
  5. How is efficiency calculated?
    Useful energy transferred/total energy supplied x 100%
  6. Which colour surface absorbs thermal (heat) energy the best?
  7. Which colour surface emits (radiates) thermal energy the best?
  8. If a system is at a constant temperature, what does it tell us about the amount of energy being absorbed and the amount of energy being radiated?
    Energy radiated = energy absorbed
  9. Car radiators are designed to radiate heat as quickly as possible. Why do they have lots of little fins inside them?
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    This increases the surface area so increases how quickly the heat is lost.
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