Lab Practical #1 - cat skull

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  1. Foramina (plural of foramen)
    hole in the bone for the nerve or blood vessels to pass through 
  2. Foramen magnum
    • big hold in caudal end of skull
    • largest hole in skull
    • spinal cord exits the brain here
    • where the atlas articulates with the skull
  3. External auditory meatus
    • Found in the bulla of the temporal bone 
    • Opening of the auditory tube, bony canal that leads to the middle and inner ear cavities, contains external ear canal.
  4. Optic Foramen
    • Optic nerve runs through (from back of eye to brain) lacrimal (canal)
    • Tear duct from orbit to pharynx. 
  5. Image Uploadpm
    • Premaxila - incisive bone 
    • Incisor teeth are attached 
  6. Turbinate bone 
    • Located inside the nasal cavity
    • "spongy" in appearance 
  7. Image Uploadna
    • Nasal bone 
    • Bone covering the nose 
  8. Image Upload13
    • Lacrimal bone 
    • located in medial corner of eye 
    • hole is called the lacrimal foramen 
  9. Orbit
    • bony socket that holds the eye
    • medial potion has 3 holds
    • first hole is the optic foramen
  10. Parietal bone
    top of the brain case
  11. Image Upload1
    • Interparietal 
    • little triangular shaped bones located between the parietal bones 
  12. External Occipital Protuberance
    • Common in dogs - bump on head
    • Where muscle attachment occurs
  13. Image Upload32
    • Occipital Condyles
    • "rocker" knobs on occipital bones that articulate with the atlas
    • Allows the head to say yes
  14. Image Upload28
    • External Auditory Meatus 
    • Opening of the ear canal
  15. Image Upload5
    • Sphenoid bones 
    • floor of the brain case
    • 3 bones that extend from the occipital bones 
  16. Molars and Premolars
    • Called cheek teeth in horses and cows
    • molars and premolars come from the maxilla bone 
  17. Image Uploadsq
    • Temporal bones 
    • bones in the lateral area of skull in from of external auditory meatus 
  18. Image Upload
    • Zygomatic Arch
    • Cheek bones, goes from temporal bones to maxilla
    • Appears different in each species 
  19. Image Upload7
    • Palantine
    • bone on either side of the maxilla
    • makes up the hard palate 
  20. Image Upload1
    • Bulla (tympanic bulla)
    • bubble of bone where ear canal goes in bone
    • structures of middle ear which include 3 little bones that transmit sound from the eardrum
  21. Image Uploadar
    • Ramus
    • whole caudal area of mandible
    • Connects the lower jaw
  22. Image Uploady
    • Condyloid process/Mandibular condyle
    • Top of ramus which articulates with the temporal bone 
  23. Image UploadMandible C
    Coronoid Process
  24. Dental Pad
    Thick pad all deer, sheep, cows and goats have in place of the upper incisor teeth 
  25. Cribriform plate
    • sleep that is full of holes
    • separates nasal cavity from the brain case
    • many branches of the olfactor pass through here
    • located in the ethmoid bone 
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