MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 4

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  1. Panel Decision
    opinions issued by a panel of judges
  2. Plaintiff
    the party that begins the lawsuit
  3. Pleadings
    papers filed with the court
  4. Preponderance of the Evidence
    standard for proving the defendant liable in a civil court; "more likely than not"
  5. Pretrial Conference
    court's technique for pushing the case toward settlement or forcing the parties to prepare for trial
  6. quasi in rem Jurisdiction
    states often use it to obtain jurisdiction that stretches their power; comes under close scrutiny
  7. Removal Doctrine
    someone being sued in another person's state may have the case thrown out of that state's court system
  8. Request for Production of Documents
    Request that the other side produce certain requested documents that are relevant to the dispute at hand
  9. Request for Admissions
    Written set of facts that one party request the other to admit as being true
  10. Rule of Fours
    writ is issued whenever four justices vote to review the case in secret proceedings
  11. Standing
    ability of a party to provide sufficient evidence of harm or connection of the other party to the law in question
  12. Subject Matter Jurisdiction
    subject matter of the dispute; federal courts have limited jurisdiction based on what the case is covering; may cover cases with federal questions or diversity of citizenship
  13. Summons
    also called a citation; having someone get served, being summoned to court
  14. United States Supreme Court
    court of last resort for all federal cases; jurisdiction dictated by Congress
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