MGMT 211 CH 3 Part 5

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  1. Territorial Jurisdiction
    entitlement due to location of both parties; ability of a court to have the power to require a litigant to physically come to court; you may always sue someone in their own home state
  2. Trial Court
    lowest division of courts; where the case begins; develops record that will become the foundation for hearings in higher courts
  3. Venue
    right of a defendant to be tried in a proper court within a specific geographic area; where the case is specifically heard
  4. writ of certiorari
    petition that requests an appeal; if granted SC asks lower court for case record to review; most are denied
  5. Appellate Courts
    higher rungs that lead to highest courts; primarily concerned with whether or not error occurred at the lower court
  6. Appellant
    the appealing party
  7. What are the three types of Appellate Courts in Texas?
    • Court of Appeals
    • Court of Criminal Appeals
    • Texas Supreme Court
  8. Federal Court System
    • federal district courts
    • Courts of Appeal
    • Supreme Court
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