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  1. What is Henry's law
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  2. What does Henry's law state?
    The solubility of a gas is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas if the temperature is constant.

    The concentration of a gas dissolved in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure.
  3. What determines the partial pressure of gas in a solution?
    • 1.The concentration of the gas in solution.
    • 2.The solubility coefficient (k).
  4. What is a Colligative property of a solution?
    A property of a solution that depends only on the number of dissolved particles, not on their chemical identity.
  5. List four conditions that effect the solubility of a gas.
    • 1. concentration & partial pressure
    • 2. temperature
    • 3. the gas
    • 4. the liquid (solvent)
  6. What is the Bunsen Coefficient?
    The volume of gas, corrected to STP, which dissolves in 1 unit volume of the liquid at the temperature concerned, where the partial pressure of the gas above the liquid is 1 standard atmosphere pressure.
  7. What is the Ostwald Coefficient?
    The volume of gas which dissolves in 1 unit volume of the liquid at the temperature concerned.
  8. What is the partition Coefficient?
    The ratio of the amount of substance present in one phase compared with another, the two phases being of equal volume and in equilibrium.
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