Ballast chapter 51 - Bidding Procedures and Documents

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  1. 2 different ways to get bidders
    • advertising
    • invitation
  2. what is an addenda and when is it issued. who issues it?
    its a written of graphis document issued by the arch prior to the execution of the contract. it modifies the bidding documents.
  3. the bidding documents are in put into
    the project manual. they are not part of the contract documents
  4. t/f

    the invitation or advertisment to bid is included in the project manual
  5. can substitutions be considered after the contract award

    (substitutions for any specifications
  6. how many days prior to the bid opening must addenda be made
    4 days
  7. what is the amount of bid security
    about 5 percent of the estimated cost of construction or bid price
  8. describe a performance bond
    a statement from a surety company that obligates the surety company to complete construction on a project if thw contractor defaults on his obligations

    it ensures completion of the project/contract
  9. who usually pays for a performance bond?
    the owner

    performance bond is a statement froma surety company obligating them to complete a project if the contractor defaults
  10. describe a material and labor bond
    it protects the owner from having liens against the property or litigations from subcontractors or material suppliers if the contractor defaults on the contract

    its usually required along with a performance bond
  11. what are alternates. describe types of alternates.
    they are variations in the base bid. they may be a change in material or level of quality of work.

    • two types of alternates are
    • add-alternates if they add to the base bid
    • deduct-alternates if they reduce the bid amount
  12. describe unit prices and when they are used
    set costs for certain portions of work based on individual quantities.
  13. t/f

    unit prices are listed on the bid form
    true. they provide a basis for determining changes to the contract.
  14. describe an allowance
    set amount of money estimated by the architect to cover a particular material or piece of equipment that cant be determined  at the time of the bid.

    all bidders ues the same amount 

    it is stated in the specifications in
  15. what doesnt an alowance include
    • cost to the contractor for
    • unloading, handeling and installing the item 
    • contractors overhead and profit
  16. what happens if an allowance is more or less than the original estimate
    the contract sum is adjusted accordingly by change order
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