ballast chapter 52 - construction administration services

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  1. are submittals part of the contract documents?
    hells no

    they are shop drawings, product data or samples showing how the work will be built or installed
  2. who should be reviewing the shop drawings first
    the contractor. the contractor should verify field measurements, check materials and construction criteria has been coordinated
  3. what is the purpose of the architect reviewing submittlas
    checking for conformance with the design intent. the arch is not responsible for determining the accuracy of measurments or verifying quantities. design intent only!
  4. what document requires the contractor to provide a submittal schedule?
    the general conditions of the contract for construction
  5. who is required to keep a submittal log
    the architect, according to the Owner Architect agreement
  6. can the architect make major changes in the shop drawings
    thats not what they are intended for. if the arch does make a major change the contractor may request a change order
  7. during bidding changes are made by_______________.
    during construction changes are made by______________.
    • adenda
    • minor changes in bthe wor, construction change directive or by change order
  8. who does the construction change directive need to be signed by and when would it be used
    signed by the owner and architect. itd be used when a change needs to be made right away before the owner and contractor can agree on a price
  9. who is not required to sign a construction change directive
    the contractor
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