Fundamentals Exam 1

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  1. What is the scope of nursing
    care for patient, family, community
  2. What is the practice of nursing?
    • promote health and wellness
    • prevent illness
    • restore health
    • care for dying
  3. What makes the profession of nursing?
    • client centered
    • holistic
    • adaptive
    • creative
    • a helping profession
  4. What are the different levels of nursing education?
    LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, diploma(not used anymore)
  5. Nurse Practice Act
    • regulate the ratice of nursing
    • each state regulates own NPA's and licensure
    • Protects public
  6. Standards of clinical nursing practice
    • standards that define accountability to the public
    • reflects the values of nursing profession
    • describes responsibilites that the nurse is accountable for
  7. Code of ethics in nursing
    • formal statement of ideals and values in nursing
    • promotes respect for human rights, dignity, values, customs...
    • supports actions to protect public
  8. Patient Bill of Rights
    • describes important issues "right to be informed, right to refuse..."
    •  providing confidential and cultrally appropriate care
    • right to privacy
    • right to have advance directives
  9. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA)
    • protects elderly from abuse, overmedicating, restraints
    • Long term care
    • Rehab services
    • protects quality of life
    • rights of residents
  10. settings and roles of RN
    • hospitals                 
    • home health             
    • LTC                          clinics                       manager
    • military                    
    • schools                     
    • hospice
  11. American Nursing Association
    • advance and protect profession of nursing
    • foster high standard of practice
    • promote educational and professional advancement of nurses
  12. National League of nursing
    • advance quality of education
    • for individual and agencies
  13. National Students Nurses association
    • pre-professional for nursing student
    • educate studen to better understand the legislative and political process

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