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  1. what test do you need to interpret ERG
  2. what is the characteristic vascular change of DR
    loss of pericytes and basement membrane thickening -> capillary occlusion and subsequent nonperfusion
  3. summarize the finding of VISION (VEGF inhibition study in Ocular Neovasulirazation)
    less chance of moderate vision loss in 1 year for the pegaptanib (macugen) group compared to placebo
  4. findings of MARINA (minimally classic/occult trial of the anti-VEGF antibody ranizumab in the treatment of neovascular amd)
    less chance of 15 letter loss and more chance of letters gained in the ranibizumab group compared to placebo for minimally classic/occult lesions
  5. findings of CATT (complications of age related mac degen treatment trial)
    bevacizumab (avastin) monthly and prn was equivalent to ranibuzimab monthly and prn
  6. findings of View-1 and 2 studies
    aflibercept was noninferior to monthly ranibuzimab and had a similar safety profile
  7. what's in areds
    "vit C, vit E, beta carotene, zinc ozide, cupric oxide"
  8. what part of areds is CI for smokers and why
    beta carotene because of higher risk of lung cancer
  9. what retinal antigen causes CAR
  10. what vegf isoform is most pathologic in neovascular amd and what drug targets it
    "vegf 165, macugen"
  11. what are the exam and diagnostic findings of mewds
    "macular pigment stippling, macular wreath-like punctate hyperfluoresence on FA, mild disc edema"
  12. what is a prominent clinical finding of mewds
  13. what are findings of fabry's disease
    "cornea verticillata, abnormally dilated conjunctival vessels, retinal vessel tortuosity"
  14. what is the cause of fabry's disease
    mutation in alpha-galactosidase A gene -> accumulation of ceramide trihexoside
  15. which mitochondrial diseases are x-linked?
    "fabry's and hunter syndrome; think of a ""fabulous"" hunter aiming at target shaped like x"
  16. what is cause of tay-sachs disease
    deficiency of hexosaminidase A
  17. cause of gaucher's disease
    deficiency of glucocerebrosidase
  18. cause of neimann pick
    deficiency of sphingomyelinase
  19. what are classic manifestations of VKH syndrome
    "suguira sign (perilimbal vitiligo in the uveitic phase), dalen fuch nodules (punched out lesions, occur in 1/3), neck pain, tinnitus, dysacusis, flu-like illness"
  20. what is anterior persistent fetal vasculature
    "hylaoid artery remians -> white retrolental mass; associated signs are microphthalmos, shallow AC, long ciliary processes -> poor prognosis due to glaucoma, secondary cataract, deprivational ambylopia"
  21. disadvtnages of using a 25g vs 20g vitrectomy
    "risk of retinal tears, endolphthalmitis, hypotony -> this is due to not suturing the small incisions"
  22. patients with NON subfoveal geographic atrophy benefit from AREDS
  23. what 3 main questions did edtrs address
    1. is focal good for DME 2. is early scatter photocoagulation good for earlier stages of DR 3. can asa delay progression of DR
  24. "in erg, what cells does the b wave correspond to"
    bipolar and mueller cells
  25. what is found in von-hippel disease
    "capillary hemangiomas in the retina (or retinal hemangioblastoma), cerebellar hemangioblastomas, pheochromocytomas, renal cell carcinoma, spinal cord tumors and cysts"
  26. "what exam findings and features distinguish cone dystorphy from other congenital color deficiencies (deuteranopia, tritanopia, protanopia)"
    "symmetric bulls eye maculopathy, mild to severe temporal optic atrophy, signs of progressive disease, decreased VA, day blindness, photophobia"
  27. "according to bvos, when should you do scatter photocoagulation"
    "neovascularization; if >5 Das of non-perfusion present, you should do close observation in 4 month intervals to r/o NV"
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