BIO 116 Reproductive system

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  1. what stores urine?
  2. what makes urine?
  3. what is the passageway called where the urine goes from the kidneys to the bladder?
  4. where does urine exit the body?
  5. what is the tip of the penis called?
  6. what is the sack called that holds the testes?
  7. where does sperm go to mature?
  8. what connects the epididymis to the urethra?
    vas deferens
  9. Vasectomy:
    vas deferens is ligated through a surgical opening in the scrotum to sterilize a man
  10. seminal vesicles:
    two ducts that add semen to the sperm
  11. prostate:
    makes a fluid that is very basic to neutralize the acidity of the vagina and protect some of the sperm
  12. how is urine blocked when cumming?
    the prostate swells to block the urine
  13. vulva:
    a term to describe the external female sex organs
  14. labia majora:
    outer lips of the vagina
  15. labia minora:
    inner lips of the vagina
  16. What is the clitoris of a woman similar to on a man?
    glans (head of cock)
  17. what do the labia parts cover?
    the urinary and reproductive tract
  18. where is the urethra on a woman?
    below the clit
  19. where is the actual "vagina" part?
    below the urethra and clit, it's the hole
  20. is douching really necessary?
    not really because the inner lining is regularly shed.
  21. what are the two glands that make a girl wet?
    Skene’s glands (urethra) and Bartholin’s glands (vagina)
  22. cervix:
    tough tissue at the end of the vagina that protects the opening to the uterus
  23. what does sperm travel through to fertilize an egg?
    vagina -> cervix -> uterus
  24. uterus:
    a thick wall of muscle and the site of fetal growth and development
  25. endometrium:
    lining of tissue on the uterus that support the growth of the placenta if fertilization occurs; is shed during PMS
  26. fallopian tubes or oviducts:
    tubes that go from the ovaries to the uterus where eggs travel
  27. ovaries:
    where eggs are made and matured to be released to the uterus
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