IV Induction Drugs

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  1. What is the adult dose of STP?
    3-5 mg
  2. What is the onset of STP?
    <1 min
  3. What is peak of STP?
    1 min
  4. What is duration of STP?
    10 mins
  5. What is dose of Ketamine?
    1-2 mg/kg
  6. What is onset of Ketamine?
    <1 min
  7. What is peak of Ketamine?
    1 min
  8. What is duration of Ketamine?
    10 min
  9. What is dose of Etomidate?
    0.2-0.3 mg/kg
  10. What is onset of Etomidate?
    <1 min
  11. What is peak of Etomidate?
    1 min
  12. What is duration of Etomidate?
    10 mins
  13. What is dose of Propofol?
    2-2.5 mg/kg
  14. What is onset of Propofol?
    <1 min
  15. What is peak of Propofol?
    1 min
  16. What is duration of Propofol?
    8 mins
  17. What is dose of Versed?
    0.15-0.35 mg/kg
  18. What is onset of Versed?
    <5 min
  19. What is peak of Versed?
    10 mins
  20. What is duration of Versed?
    1 hour
  21. What is T1/2 of STP?
    12 hrs
  22. What is T1/2 of Ketamine?
    3 hrs
  23. What is T1/2 of Etomidate?
    3 hrs
  24. What is T1/2 of Propofol?
    6 hrs
  25. What is T1/2 of Midazolam?
    3 hrs
  26. How is etomidate metabolized?
    Hepatic & Plasma esterases
  27. Of the IV induction drugs, which has the largest Vd?
    Propofol - 10L/kg
  28. Of the IV induction drugs, which has an active metabolite?
    Ketamin - norketamine
  29. What is the peds dose for children <10 yrs for Propofol?
    2.5-3 mg/kg
  30. What is the elderly dose of Propofol?
  31. How does is Propofol dosed in the bottle?
  32. How is Etomidate dosed in the bottle?
    2mg/ ml
  33. How is Ketamine dosed?
    10 mg/ml
  34. How is STP dosed in the bottle?
  35. How is Propofol dosed in the bottle?
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IV Induction Drugs
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