Delmar's Electricity Unit 2, Electrical Quantities and Ohms Law

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  1. What is the formula for computing ressistance using Ohm's Law?
    R = E / I 

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  2. What is a Coulomb?
    The charge transferred by a current of 1 ampere in one second.
  3. Define an Ampere.
    The ampere is a measurement of the amount of electricity that is flowing through a circuit.  One  ampere of current flows through a wire when 1 couloumb flows past a point in one second.
  4. Define Voltage.
    Voltage is defined as the potential difference between two points of a conducting wire carring a constant current of 1 ampere where the power dissipated between these points is 1 watt.  It is the force that pushes the electrons through a wire and is often referred to as electrical pressure.
  5. Define an Ohm.
    An Ohm is the unit of ressistance to current flow.  It is the amount of ressistance that allows 1 amphere of current to flow when the applied voltage is 1 volt.
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