PSYC3260 Chapter 1

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  1. Define Attention:
    Mentally focusing on some stimulus
  2. Define perception:
    Interpreting sensory information to yield meaningful information
  3. Define pattern recognition
    Classifying a stimulus into a known category
  4. What is memory:
    recognizing the shape as something familiar
  5. Whats the difference between recall and recognition?
    • recognition would be that something seems familiar
    • where recall is trying to determine where you know that object
  6. What is the knowledge representation?
    It is mental organization of the knowledge you have accumulated in the lifetime
  7. What is empiricism?
    The idea all information is collected from their senses
  8. What is Nativism?
    Essentially, we come with predisposition abilities.
  9. What is structuralism?
    • Brought by Wundt, it identifies the simplest units of the mind
    • Using these simple units, you could produce complex phenomena
  10. Define introspection
    It connates: soul searching"
  11. What are the 4 properties of a conscious thought or idea
    • mode (which sense involved)
    • quality (such as colour shape texture)
    • intensity
    • duration
    • [iq md]
  12. What is functionalism?
    • James was interested in finding why the mind works the way it does
    • Does the pursuit of finding function
    • Did use Darwanian evolution theory
  13. What is behaviourism?
    • It involves referencing to the unobservable, subjective mental states
    • i.e: consciousness, expecting believing, understanding
  14. What about Gestalt Psychology?
    • Started in Germany
    • In german for configuration or shape
    • rejected structuralism, functionalism and behaviourism
    • Focused on people's subjective experience of stimuli and to focus on how people use or impose structure on their experiences
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