Looking at Movies Chapter 4 Terms

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  1. Narration
    The act of telling the story
  2. Narrator
    Who or what is telling the story
  3. First Person Narrator
    A character from within the film who provides narration
  4. Third Person Narrator
    A narrator who exists outside of the narrative
  5. Omniscient Narrator
    A narrator who has unrestricted access to all aspects of narrative
  6. Restricted Narrator
    A narrator whose awareness is limited to things known by a single character
  7. Round Characters
    Complex character which change significantly over the course of the story
  8. Flat Characters
    Characters that exhibit few distinct traits and change little as the story progresses
  9. Normal World
    The rules of the world that we (the audience) will inhabit
  10. Diegesis
    The total world of the story (events, characters, objects, settings, and sounds) that form the world in which the story occurs
  11. Diegetic Elements
    The elements that make up the diegesis
  12. Nondiegetic Elements
    Things that we see and hear on the screen that come from outside the world of the story
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