Cultural Anthro

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  1. 4 types of Anthropology
    physical/biological, archaeological, (socio) cultural, linguistic
  2. Cultural Anthropology
    A holistic approach with small scale analysis focused on culture by participant observation
  3. Ethnography
    • Descriptive account of a particular community, society, or culture.
    • Oldschool: chapter breakdown into descriptions of sub topics like economy, religion.
    • Modern: focused on a particular problem and how this relates to other cultures. Subtopics can be woven into this theme. Less isolating.
  4. Ethnology
    Not as common anymore. Develops theory by combing multiple ethnographies
  5. Social Science
    • Scientific and systematic data gathering
    • Studies humans to find regularities
    • Good for creating policies
  6. Humanities
    • Focus on human thought and action
    • Shed light on how others view world
    • Empathetic understanding
    • Reduces "us" vs. "them"
  7. Degenerationism
    • All civilized>Tower of Babel>Some civilized and others degenerated
    • Religion based
  8. Progressivism
    • All go from primitive>civilized
    • Observed differences are due to different experiences
    • Science based
  9. Diffusion
    Idea originates in one place and spreads to other cultures
  10. Heliocentric
    • Single-source diffusion from Egypt
    • Ethnocentric bias
  11. Culture circles
    Multiple powerful and smart societies all influencing each other
  12. Unilineal Evolution
    • Discarded theory
    • All societies develop in same way toward Europe's height
  13. Jean Lamark
    Animals adapt to environment and pass on these traits
  14. Charles Darwin
    Some are born better equipped and pass on these traits
  15. Herbert Spencer
    • Used evolution to study societies
    • Assumed psychic unity of mankind
    • All go through same stages
    • Current primitive people are living fossils
  16. Lewis Henry Morgan
  17. Edward Burnett Tylor
  18. Social Darwinism
    Justifies conquest of lesser societies
  19. Franz Boas
    • 1st anthropologist professor in US
    • Importance of field work
    • Used empirical evidence vs. observation
    • Shot down heliocentricity and scientific racism
  20. Misconceptions of Anthropology
    Only primitive people in remote areas, purely anecdotal, working alone, adventurous
  21. Bronislaw Malinowski
    • "Methodological Statement"
    • Important to go in situ
    • Don't use pidgin english
    • More transparency of data gathering
    • Ethnographers Magic:become part of landscape, get empathetic understanding, develop a systematic sketch
    • "Pacific Argonauts"
    • Crazy shell islanders
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