7types of responses

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  1. silent
    silent- you respond with your body language ex: nod your head
  2. question
    question- you ask them  question over and over again
  3. pairphrasing
    pairphrasing- therapist use this - take what you say and put it in your own words. feedback that restates the message  in your own words, ex: lets go out next weekend, so do you want to go out next weekend lets make plans.  same meaning different ways of saying them.
  4. empathing
    empathing- showing that you care. ex i know how much that really hurted you useing side comments to let them and show them that you care.
  5. support
    support- supporting them in what they need ( it doesnt mean you always agree with them)  offer them to be put out of a situation or helping, ex college application.
  6. analyzing
    analyzing- help them stick through the situaiton. ex; i think whats really bothering you is this and this is why because..... or maybe the problem started when he....
  7. evaluating
    evaluating- some people dont want to hear it. know when you should evaluate things.; ex: thats a good idea or your on the right track or  when there on the wrong track you say i told you so.
  8. advising
    advising- advising them  on what you do or know  they can do to be helped advise them to do the correct thing.
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7 types of responses
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