Staff bios pt. 1

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  1. General Fullhart received his commission as graduate of ___.
    United States Air Force Academy
  2. What year did General Fullhart graduate?
  3. What three levels have Major General Fullhart commanded at?
    Squadron, group, and wing
  4. Major General Fullhart has served as the Commandant of the 
    Air Command and Staff College
  5. General Fullhart has held staff assignments that include experience in
    operations, safety, acquisition, and government affairs at the major command and Headquarters U.S. Air Force levels.
  6. General Fullhart served as the ___, Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe
    Assistant Director of Operations
  7. General Fullhart has joint experience at ___
    U.S. Transportation Command
  8. General Fullhart has joint, inter-agency experience as ___.
    Deputy Chief, Central Security Service, National Security Agency.
  9. General Fullhart was Vice Commander, ___.
    Air Foce Cyber Command (Provision), Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.
  10. What was General Fullhart's final assignment?
    Director, Global Reach Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
  11. General Fullhart is a __ with how many flying hours?
    Command pilot; 3,500
  12. What is General Fullhart's wife's name?
  13. What is General Fullhart's son's name?
  14. Where does General Fullhart's son work?
  15. Commander Weaver graduated from Virginia Tech and the Corps of Cadets in what year?
  16. What does NOAA stand for?
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  17. What year did Commander Weaver commission in the NOAA Corps?
  18. What is the NOAA Corps?
    A uniformed service that operates ships and aircraft in support of the scientific and survey missions of the NOAA.
  19. Commander Weaver served as an officer aboard which ship?
  20. On the NOAA Ship MT MITCHELL, Commander Weaver conducted oceanographic and survey operations in ___.
    The Atlantic and in the Persian Gulf immediately after the first Gulf War.
  21. Following flight training, Commander Weaver flew several NOAA aircraft in support of _, including ___.
    Nautical and coastal environmental surveying; Cessna Citation II (CE-550)
  22. Commander Weaver flew NOAA missions in support of the response to the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 as ___.
    Chief of the Remote Sensing Flight Program
  23. How many flight hours does CDR Weaver have?
    Over 1,500
  24. CDR Weaver is certified as an ___ and ___.
    Airline Transport Pilot; Multi-engine Flight Instructor
  25. CDR Weaver served as Operations Director of the ___
    National Geodetic Survey
  26. CDR Weaver's personal awards include:
    • U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medal,
    • NOAA Corps Achievement Medal (with two gold stars)
    • NOAA Corps Commendation Medal (with two gold stars)
  27. CDR Weaver received a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy from where and when?
    Johns Hopkins University, 2004
  28. Captain Snyder is a native of which state?
  29. Captain Snyder received his commission via the ___
    Naval ROTC Scholarship Program.
  30. Following his commission and basic surface warfare training, Captain Snyder served principally on ___.
    frigates and operational staffs in support of cruisers, destroyers, and frigates.
  31. Captain Snyder Commanded the ___.
    Knox Class frigate USS AINSWORTH.
  32. How many deployments did Captain Snyder complete?
  33. How many tours in Washington DC has Captain Snyder served?
  34. List Captain Snyder's tours in Washington DC
    • On the Joint Staff
    • On the Navy Staff
    • As the Navy Representative to the Congressional Commission on Military Training and Gender-Related Issues
  35. Captain Snyder served as the Commanding Officer, ___, San Diego, California
    Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center
  36. What was Captain Snyder's final assignment?
    Professor of Naval Science and Commanding Officer of the NROTC at Virginia Tech.
  37. Captain Snyder is a graduate of ___.
    Pennsylvania State University and National War College
  38. Captain Snyder has a Master's Degree in what?
    Public Administration
  39. Where did Captain Snyder get his Master's degree?
    The University of Oklahoma
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