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  1. Practice of psychology
    • rendering or offering the following services
    • 1. applying principles of learning, motivation, perception, thinking, personality, relations, and behavior to work with individuals or groups in related to adjustment, problems, or relationships. As well as measuring intelligence, aptitude, or emotion.

    2. measuring testing; psychological methods; psychological consulting
  2. necessity for license: exeptions to use of psychology by others
    • 1. simple persuassion
    • 2. those licensed to practice healing arts
    • 3. clergy, counselors, etc.
    • 4. employed by government or schools
    • 5. social psychologist
    • 6. professor
    • 7. qualified individuals practicing in the state temporarily
    • 8. applying principles of psych in HR
    • 9. incidental activities of clerical staff
    • 10. school psych
    • 11. post doc supervised by a licensed psych
    • 12. licenced psych supervising grad level practitioners
  3. State Board of Psychology
    9 members; residents 3 yr; 8 appointed by Governor; 2 from public at large; 6 licensed psychs

    • 4 year appointment; no more than 2 consecutive terms
    • physical prensse required to vote
    • annually select chair/vice chair, secretary
    • get $60/per diem when working + expenses
    • missing three consecutive meetings without an excuse loses seat
    • missing 2 consecutive trainings w/o an excuse loses seat
    • board meets 6X/year

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