Critical Thinking Test 1

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  1. Inference
    The process of reasoning from a premise or premises to a conclusion based on those premises. 
  2. Argument
    A group of statements in which some of them (the premises) are intended to support another of them (the conclusion).
  3. Premise
    In an argument, a statement or reason, given in support of the conclusion
  4. Conclusion
    In an argument, the statement that the premises are intended to support. 
  5. Cogent
    A strong inductive argument with all true premises
  6. Valid Argument
    A deductive argument that succeeds in providing conclusive support for its conclusion.
  7. Invalid Argument
    A deductive argument that fails to provide conclusive support for its conclusion
  8. Strong Argument
  9. Weak Argument
  10. Sound
  11. Formal Fallacies
  12. Informal Fallacies
  13. Modus Ponens
  14. Modus Tollens
  15. Affirming the Consequent
  16. Denying the Antecedent
  17. Genetic Fallacy
  18. Composition
  19. Division
  20. Appeal to the Person/ Ad Hominem
  21. Equivocation
  22. Appeal to Popularity
  23. Appeal to Tradition
  24. Appeal to Ignorance
  25. Appeal to Emotion
  26. Red Herring
  27. Straw Man/Straw Horse
  28. Two Wrongs Make A Right
  29. Subjective Relativism
  30. Subjectivist Fallacy
  31. Social/Cultural Relativism
  32. What are the parts of an argument?
    Statements, Premises, Conclusions
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Critical Thinking Test 1
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