science vocab pig

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  1. liver
    The liver has many functions, but one of those is to make bile to aid in fat digestion.
  2. Gallbladder
    stores bile which helps diegest
  3. small intestine
    the small intestine is longer, but more narrow than the large intestine.
  4. Large intestine
    A series of coils that are larger in diameter than coils of the small intestine.
  5. Pancreas
    It is broad, thin organ having globular texture and is almost white in color.
  6. Stomach
    it is a soft pouch lying on the pig left side between the liver and the small intestine.
  7. Spleen
    The spleen is a dark colored, finger like projection that folds across the left side of the abdominal cavity between the stomach and the larger intestine.
  8. kidneys
    they are light brown in color
  9. Urinary bladder
    stores urine that is filtered by the kidneys
  10. Diaphragm
    This is the muscle that controls breathing
  11. lungs
    It is responsible for getting oxygen to the blood and removing carbon dioxide
  12. Trachea
    it caries oxygen to the lung an carbon dioxide from the lungs
  13. Larynx
    it is the voice box
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