Donor Collection

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  1. WB is collected into an anticoagulant/preservative solution. What are they?
    • ACD (occasioanlly used)
    • CPD (replaced ACP)
    • CP2D
    • CPDA-1 (primarily one used)
  2. What is the difference between CPD & CPDA-1?
    • Both contain Citrate phosphate Dextrose
    • CPDA-1 also has adenine
  3. What does Sodium citrate do when used to preserve WB?
    Prevents coagulation
  4. What does Citric acid do when used to preserve WB?
    Prevents Coagulation
  5. What does Dextrose do when used to preserve WB?
    Provides nourishment
  6. What does Monobasic sodium phosphate do when used to preserve WB?
    Maintains pH
  7. What are the allowable amount of WB collected?
    • Depending on bag...Either: (10%)
    • 450ml +/- 45mL
    • or
    • 500mL +/- 50mL
  8. During WB donation, with adequate fluid replacement, total volume is restored in how long?
    less than 72 hours
  9. What are the advantages of Autologous donations?
    • No exposure to foreign cellular alloantigens ( no alloimmunizations) or viral infections.
    • Reduces risk of transfusion reactions.
  10. What are the disadvantages of Autologous donations?
    • Cost
    • 30 - 50% is wasted
    • Cannot be used for other patients
  11. What are the risks of Autologous donations?
    • Circulatory overload,
    • cytokine mediated reaction
    • Same as with any donation:
    • Bacterial contamination
    • Misidentification
  12. How long between donation of autologous blood must you wait?
    No fewer than 3 days.
  13. How many days before the surgery must the autologous blood be collected from patient?
    At least 72 hours
  14. With Autologous blood, what testing must be done if blood is being transferred to another facility
    Viral marker testing on 1st unit and repeated every 30 days.

    ---Any positives will be reported to physician and patient.
  15. If Directed donation is to another family memeber, what must be done and why?
    • Irradiated
    • To prevent GVHD
  16. What is Apheresis donations good for?
    • To collect Large volumes of:
    • Platelets
    • Plasma
    • Red Cells
    • Granulocytes
  17. What are some complications of Apheresis?
    • Mechanical hemolysis of RBC's ( not during transfusion, just collection)
    • Equipment Failure (unable to return product back into donor)
    • Citrate Toxicity(symptoms of hypocalcemia - Tingeling of the lips. This can lead to muscle spasms)
    • Vasovagel (hypotension)
    • Hypovolemic (low blood volume.
  18. During collection of Plateletpheresis, what must the platelets per unit yield?
    > 3x1011
  19. End Product of plateletpheresis what must the white cell count be?
    < 5x106

    note: most apheresis machines also leukoreduce.
  20. Before Plateletpheresis, how long must you wait since last taken Asprin & plavix?
    • Aspirin: 48 hours
    • Plavix: 14 days
  21. Before donation of plateletpheresis, what must the donor platelet count be?
    > 150,000uL (if performed once every 4 weeks)
  22. Red Cell Apheresis donor Hgb and weight must be what?
    • Males: minimum of 130lbs and 5'1"
    • Females: minimum 150lbs and 5'5"
    • Minimum Hct is 40%
  23. For a serial plasmapheresis, what extra testing must be completed?
    • TP
    • &
    • ELES
  24. For Granulocytapheresisthe units should conainat least ______
  25. Granulocytes must be transfused within how long after collection?
    24 hours
  26. What is the most common cause of transfusion reaction in platelets?
    Bacterial ( source is where the needle enters the arm during collection).
  27. When a patient makes allo-antibodies to a certain antigen, blood must be tested and found to lack what?
    • Must lack the antigen
    • ie: Patient makes anti-E, test blood for E antigen. Give E negative blood.
  28. What testing  is completed on donor blood?
    • 1 HBsAg
    • 2 Anti-HBc
    • 3 Anti-HCV
    • 4 HCV RNA
    • 5 HIV 1/2
    • 6 HIV-1-RNA
    • 7 WNV RNA
    • 8 Anti HTLV I & II
    • 9 Tcruzi & Chagas
    • 10 Syphilis
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