Chapter 4

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  1. Sensation
    detecting converting and transmitting raw sensory data to the brain
  2. perception
    selecting, organizing,a nd interpreting sensory information
  3. bottom up processing
    data driven processing moving from parts to the whole
  4. top-down processing
    conceptually driven processing moving from the whole to the parts
  5. transduction
    converting receptor energy into neural impulses that are sent to the brain
  6. coding
    converting sensory input into specific sensations
  7. sensory reduction
    filtering and analyzing of sensations before messages are sent to the cortex
  8. absolute thresholds
      • smallest amount of stimulus that can
      • be detected (hearing/ eye exams)
  9. difference thresholds
    • minimal difference needed to detect stimulus
    • change (lip stick)
  10. Sensory adaptation
  11. gate control theory
    gate in spinal cord blocks or allows pain signals to pass in to brain
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