SAT 3-1

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  1. appease 
    v. to satisfy or attempt to satisfy demands by granting concessions 
  2. craven
    adj. cowardly; comtemptibly timid 
  3. menial
    adj. lowly or servant-like
  4. placate 
    v. to make less angry 
  5. self-abnegation
    n. the putting aside of personal interest for the sake of others 
  6. submissive 
    adj. willing to obey without resistance; docile 
  7. sycophant 
    n. the one who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence 
  8. timid 
    adj. easily frightened; lacking self-confidence 
  9. toady 
    n. a person who flatters others who self-serving reasons; a sycophant 
  10. tremulous 
    adj. shaking; fearful 
  11. root: duc(t)
  12. abduct 
    v. to take away, kidnap
  13. adduce 
    v. to show as an example or means of proving something 
  14. byproduct 
    n. a side-effect; something produced in the making of something else 
  15. conducive 
    adj. tending to bring about 
  16. deduce 
    v. to reach a conclusion by reasoning 
  17. ductile 
    adj. easily shaped; capable of being persuaded easily 
  18. educe
    v. to draw out; elicit
  19. induce 
    v. to influence, esp. by persuasion; to bring about; to infer by inductive reasoning 
  20. induct 
    v. to play formally in office; to admit as a member 
  21. seduce 
    v. to lure or attract; to lead astray 

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